Whisky and Scotch Recommendations

Greetings Whisky fans. Here is what remains of the of the single malts that were drunk at our Burn's Night Supper (an excuse to eat Haggis and sample scotch)
From left to right
Isle of Jura 10yr, limited edition - Jura is typically a very medicinal Islands scotch, for this special edition they've taken much of the bite off and given it a sweet, rounded profile somewhat like a bourbon.
Dalmore 15yr - Didn't try
The Arran Malt 10yr - Didn't try
Glen Moray Elgin Classic - A very drinkable, if unremarkable speyside single malt. Decent for the price but nothing to write home about
Glen Grant 10yr - An excellent speyside single malt. Certainly among my favourite speyside whiskies in the under 12yr bracket.
Talisker Syke - One of the named but not aged single malts doing the rounds. Moderately peaty. Not really my thing but I'm told it is good
Aberlour 10yr - Another very drinkable scotch. A bit more bite than the Glen Grant
Glen Mornach Limited edition - didn't try
Auchentoshan American Oak - A really nice highlands single malt. A little peppery with a very smooth finish from the oak cask.
Not pictured - the 6 finished bottles and the blended whiskies.

Figured I ought share some news. I just returned from a breakfast and whiskey purchasing trip to Park City, and not only was the High West store sold out of Midwinter Night's Dram (luckily, I knew a liquor store that still had some), they're switching over to their Bourye seasonal. Just so allz y'all know.