WoW BHA Monday Night Crew - Ruby Sanctum Tonight 12/6! Farewell to WotLK

zeroKFE wrote:

Have you done ToC? Other than the back half of Naxx and Ulduar, that's the only "old" content we haven't attempted here.

I did on my DK the first week the guild raided after summer break, but would be very interested in running it again. Perhaps we can generate some more interest in ToC since half of the main raiding squad didn't just run it until their eyes bled. If we are doubly lucky it'll be the weekly next week to-boot!

Yeah, I have only done the first 2 bosses because of the weekly. I have never gone any further.

I will help out so you can see the content. It is a cool thing to see the first few times, but gets old after the 50th time.

I made an open guild event on the calendar for next week mentioning that we don't yet have a location selected. Sadly, it looks like the weekly is not Jaraxxus (YOU FACE JARAXXUS!) so we won't have that draw, but shall I call it ToC anyway?

I will not be able to make this coming week (10-25-10). I just looked at the schedule and it is one of my 4 monday Hockey games this Blue Jackets season. I will be at work

This is sad, hopefully I will be able to make another ToC raid another time. On a side note, Luckily 3 of my 4 monday games are before cata. 12-27-10 is the only one after. Due to the Holiday's I probably would have missed anyway.

We can save ToC for next week then, not a problem.

Other options for this Monday: try to organize a "For the Alliance" run, work on the Glory of the Hero stuff, and run regular PoS until that stupid healing shield drops from Tyrannus so I can lose my last piece of green gear.

We should down the world dragons on Monday. That'd be kind of a neat thing to experience before they go away forever. There's four of them, and, from what I hear, they take a full five-man to take out. Any thoughts?

I have never fought a world dragon. I think this idea kicks ass. What time are you looking to start?

7:00 we try to group up.

We have room for as many people as are interested. From my understanding, the dragon's HP doesn't scale, but their damage scales with level and party members. Should be neat. I'll do some research after raid on Sunday, and post some links here. Brain is getting a little full on WoW knowledge at the moment. Feel like I'm studying for finals trying to learn the LK fight for tomorrow :).

Fair warning: not sure I'm going to be able to be logged in for very long tonight, if at all. I'll be around if I can, but at least at the moment I have no idea.


In better news, I have a link:

This is kinda a double post/reminder I will not be around this evening. I have work. I will probably log on when I get home to at least do headless horsemen before bed, if something is happening I will find out and join up at that point.

So after failing to find world dragons in the Hinterlands, Darkshire, and Ashenvale, we headed to Feralas. However, on Eppy's suggestion we decided to enter our final destination for the night in style -- by base jumping.


First, though, we decided to do a practice jump into "friendly territory" to the south of the mesa.


Then we returned to the peak for the big jump.

And now safely landed in enemy territory,

we began aggressive negotiations with the locals regarding the location of their leader.

But to our great despair, there was no internet dragon to be killed here either.

And so the hunt will have to continue another day.

Great shots Zero, although we didnt get the dragons, it was darn funny and fun. Especially when Eppy kept saying "I've got an idea, I've got an idea" lol

That is awesome Z!

EDIT: Cayle this is what I was referring to. The only real solution is an area rug; I don't want you to be the first person to buy an area rug for a video game though. One thing you might try is get a mic with a foam diffuser (?) on the end. It may help with the echo a bit, though that isn't what they are technically for.
Pro tip- phone near mic = Lawkjaw heart attack :lol:.

Sounds like you guys had fun last night!!! I am sad I missed it. Those are some great pics Zero.

We'll be running ToC on 11/1 at 7:00. Come one, come all. Check your calendar in game.

Sign me up

Found one of he dragons in Twilight Grove. Fight was going OK at first, but then he put me to sleep and ROFLSTOMPED me.

"Son of a bitch must pay!"

- Jack Burton, owner/operator of the Porkchop Express

Ya need the 'elite monday night crew' we could have stomped it with you lol. good shots

And yes, Paladins have few enough buttons to press these days that the water bucket from day one of the Halloween event is still on my hot keys.

Pre-patch there was literally six or seven open ability slots on my six 12-slot bartender set up (excluding my modifier button paging for my mouse over taunts, heals and 'Oh Sh*t' buttons) . Life is wonderful these days. Not that it was a particularly efficient way to set up my abilities...

Shameless bump as a reminder that we'll be running ToC Monday at 7:00. Looks like we have room quite a few more people.

ELewis17 wrote:

Shameless bump as a reminder that we'll be running ToC Monday at 7:00. Looks like we have room quite a few more people.

An hour later and I might have been able to join you. Good luck!

I am having a brain fart and can not remember if we normally end at 10 or 11. I do not think it will be a big deal, but I might need to log at 10 tonight to pick someone up from the airport. I really do not think that will effect us, just posting in case.

If I had a dollar every time I told someone to check the original post I'd have like $15....

Zero and Lew you have to check out this thread.

That is the best roller-coaster picture I've ever seen! Laughed so hard I had tears.

Sorry I was so out of it last night. I ate my Wheaties this morning (read as drank Red Bull grande), so hopefully I'll be a little more on the ball this evening, as Algalon is no slouch.

Should we try for world dragons again next week?

After next week I think I'm going to call it until we start over again on Dec 13th with our new toons.