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I didn't know there was a season 1.

Veloxi wrote:

OMG you guys the first two episodes of season two of Birdgirl dropped today!

Doo doo do dooo!!!

Baron Of Hell wrote:

I didn't know there was a season 1.

I was a bit hesitant at first (being a big OG Harvey fan), but it really finds its pace quickly.

Yeah I loved Birdgirl on the original Harvey Birdman but this show DEFINITELY finds its own footing very quickly indeed.

pyxistyx wrote:

It was pretty good - the juvenile humour and "adult stuff for the sake of proving it's an adult animation" prompted a fair number of eyerolls though. (Especially since a lot of it was new to the series and not in the original campaign which means they just addeded to the cartoon to be 'edgy')

Why has this been such a consistent issue with adult animation in the west? Like, Harley Quinn and The Lower Decks both got much, much better with time, but both have terrible cases of "6th-grader who thinks he's being edgy"-itis sometimes (moreso in HQ's case, who was clearly SO thrilled they could say "f*ck").