Possible Boston Area S&T on 11/20?

Looks like I'll be roaming free in the Boston area on Saturday. Would anybody be interested in getting together for lunch on the 20th, maybe down a beer or two?

Also, I have NO sense of Boston geography, so if you wonderful guys and gals have any suggestions on *where* to meet, I'm all ears. Show a fellow Goodjer a good time! IMPRESS ME NOW.

I'm in! Will be happy to suggest a place, once we decide on a general area.

I'd love to join, but I may be stuck working at that time. Won't know until late morning on Saturday.

Ohhh....hmmm...let me talk to doc and see...it's about 3 hours from us, and I know he had mentioned having to work..but let me see what I can do.

What time are you thinking?