iPhone 4 and OS 4.X Catch All

Interesting. I'm going to go to Verizon today and talk to someone about their offerings. I prefer to stick with the iOS platform and cost isn't an issue. I can afford to take the hit. I can't afford for my wife to call me with an emergency while I'm at a Blazers or Ducks or Beavers game or for us to get split up while visiting New Orleans, NYC or San Fran and be unable to reach each other.

Well, I guess I can serve as a cautionary tale to people attempting this switch. I did this yesterday. If you upgraded your AT&T iPhone to iOS 4.3 and you try to restore your new Verizon iPhone from backup it won't work. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you're like me you bought into Apple hardware because of ease of use. Because I wanted to stop fiddling with my phone and just use it. A big part of this has been that I haven't had to reconfigure my phone from scratch since my first iPhone 3G. I had to do it again last night and this morning because iTunes won't restore an iOS 4.3 backup to a phone that's running iOS 4.2 (Verizon hasn't gotten 4.3 yet). So I'll be spending a lot of today going through Kayak, TripIt and every other application on my phone trying to remember passwords so I can set those up. Nevermind that all text messages are lost.

I thought splintering the OS was just for Android.

[edit] Oops.. you're trying to downgrade, not upgrade. That makes sense. 4.3 changes the way that the location services cache is handled regarding backups. The new backup likely isn't compatible with older versions of the OS, and since the OS is older it can't even be made aware of the change.

Yeah. The big crime isn't that Apple doesn't make backwards compatible backups. It would be nice if I could import/export my text messages in a text file, but whatever. The bigger crime is that Verizon isn't on 4.3. Seems like a huge oversight if you possibly have a bunch of people switching.

Yeah that's a bit weird. It doesn't seem like there should be anything carrier-specific in the new release.