Ways to choose character names

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I name all my characters after boobs. Rack, Bounce, Moan (related to boobs sorta), Knockers... Etc.

I need to start doing this.

I take character names from books (lately it's been the Malazan books) or use Cherith Cutestory. Cherith Cutestory is my favorite to use, but I can't get it to fit all the time, so then I resort to Malazan names like Fiddler or Korlat.

Bonus points if you guys know where Cherith Cutestory is from.

Most of mine are off the cuff stupid names which make it funnier the further I get. I got a 100% Final Fantasy VIII game with the main character PZIMP leading his fellow SeeDs to victory over Ultimecia. Not to mention Ocarina of Time, which finds Zelda being saved by the young Wormfood. MMOs get really fun.

I tend to just look around the apartment and then fiddle with the word until it fits the setting.
Except with X-Com. It just isn't as fun if you don't name your plasma/sonic fodder after your friends.

I've made character "personalities" that I associate with my names. Veloreyn started as Veloren on the WoW name generator, but was taken. From there I just modified names to suit my needs.

Veloreyn = Mage/wizard class (glass cannon)
Velorayn = Warlock/sorcerer (DoT/pet)
Syllana = Hunter/Ranger (Archer/pet)
Syllanna = Healer (Priest/shaman/etc)
Eldreid = Hybrid (typically healer/dps)

With MMO's and having to deal with names being taken, I'll just toss a character or number in there to get it through.

Back in school when we were playing the classic snes Final Fantasy games my friends and I would find names by looking around. I can't remember who or exactly which game it was in but we name one guy 2%Milk. This was made even more interesting later when "2%Milk has gone bad!" was displayed during the game.

I've been using Dirk since about 85 when I stole it from Dirk the Daring. It's commonly taken so I reversed it to Krid which works well coupled with Vicious as a last name. For female names, I don't remember where it came from but it's Meeva and variations thereof. For SWTOR since you can have green skin I couldn't resist using Elphaba, Fabala, Elphie and Aelphaba. Too bad Wicked nor Saint is a title. Sigh.

1. Take the first letter of the name of the game I'm playing. eg "W" for World of Warcraft
2. Take the first letter of the class, race, or subtype of character I'm playing. eg: "D" for Druid.
3. Look through my bookshelf to find an author with the initials "WD"
4. Organize all that author's books chronologically, picking the first book for the first character I make, second book for the second, etc.
5. Open the appropriate book and leaf through until I find a character's name.
6. Take an instant dislike to that character's name and decide to do the same thing but with CDs.
7. Look through my CD racks to find an artist with the initials "WD"
8. Organize all that artist's albums chronologically, picking the first album for the first character I make, second book for the second, etc.
9. Listen through the appropriate CD for mention of a name in the song lyrics.
10. Take an instant dislike to the name in the lyrics.
11. Call the character "Dave"

I used to hang out on alt.music.rush back in my halcyon days of being a huge Rush fan, and one of the memes on that group was being threatened with *ss-raping baboons due to jokes about the election recount back in 2000; I'll spare the details. Anyways, back when I picked up Madden 2004, I was doing the create-a-team feature, and one of the mascots you could choose for your team was a baboon. I, of course, created a team called the Baboons from the city of *ss-Raping.

Anyways, I'm playing with that team in the first game, and I have to stop the clock, so I call a time out. What does the game throw up on-screen?


Needs more apostrophes and X's. Always.


I like to name my characters after imported beer. My dwarf in WOW was named Smithwick (Irish ale), and i also had a night elf rogue named Asahi (Japanese beer). Currently, my IPP sith inquisitor is named Duvel - which is both the Belgian word for "devil" and a fine belgian brew.

Amoebic. Other adjectives or things when that's either taken or I have multiple characters. Acerbic, Snippet, Enjoyable, Nickel, Faucet, Bauble, and Claws are regular go-to's. I'm fond of fishing names out of the Thesaurus.

garion333 wrote:

Bonus points if you guys know where Cherith Cutestory is from.

You're a crook, Captain Hook...