Got a PS3? Want some Friends? PSN Name Exchange!

So I know we can put our PSN names in our profiles. And a lot of people put them in their sigs. But it seems a little awkward to sort through a list looking for people. And I asked around in a couple of PS3 game threads, but there didn't seem to be any thread like this. We have a Steam Community thread after all, why shouldn't we have a PS3 one?

Although I don't know the best format here. I would think we just post our name and add other people that posted before? Or perhaps list a few games that you play and if someone else has the same games, add them?

Having just got a PS3 and not being 100% sure of everything available, is there any sort of groups feature like Steam, where we could all just join a GWJ group? If not, I guess you can only have so many # of friends, so we might end up with a full friends list, just like my Steam one is all the time. So that's why I'm thinking maybe trying to connect with people that own some of the same games as you?

Anyway, thread is flexible at the start, like some discussion on how best to proceed with the adding of friends or whatever. Or if this is a terrible idea and we should just stick to friending people in a particular PS3 game catch-all thread, I guess you can tell me that too.

But I have a ton of you guys on Steam friends and it's great to play games and chat on there, so I'd like to get at least those same friends on PSN, if not find a few new ones to game with over there.

I am not HUGELY active. (Probably because I have no friends) However my name is Cheeto1016 on PSN

Well there is this, but it's rather unwieldy. Maybe a shared Google spreadsheet would work better?

Mine's tanaraq, same as XBL. I noticed a thick layer of dust on my PS3 the other day, it's time to let the old lass out for a play! Mind you, I'm dreading the inevitable 3 hours of updates before I can play a game!

My name is in my sig. I'm not on a whole lot since it's hooked up to the main tv. The games that I have that have multiplayer are Uncharted 2, Batman (? not sure if it has multiplayer), Demon's Souls (which isn't in my possession currently) and some Rock Bands (2 and Beatles and, at some point in the future, 3).

I want some friends. I don't play a lot of online stuff, but if there's some regular GWJ activity, I could get into it.

LiquidMantis wrote:

Well there is this, but it's rather unwieldy. Maybe a shared Google spreadsheet would work better?

Yeah that's the problem. I scanned through every page of that, adding everyone that I saw on my Steam friends. Although some forum names are not the same, so I probably missed some. I figure checking this thread might be more fruitful, especially to determine who is active, who still owns a PS3, or maybe some people who didn't edit their user info to add PSN name.

For instance, iaintgotnopants, we're friends on Steam, but you don't have PSN in your user info, so I missed you the other day when I was adding people. Now, thanks to this thread, we shall be friends, and play some Rock Band together!

I like friends. I can't say I play a whole lot of multiplayer stuff on PSN lately, but that's largely because most of my friends do their multiplayer business on Live or Steam. I'll definitely be hopping on a lot more come January for some sweet LBP2 action.

I'm on there as Dysplastic, but my PS3 is pretty much my single-player box as I find Steam is my favorite MP gaming service. Still, who knows, you can add me and I'll add you back.

My name is down below. I don't have many multiplayer games, but I'm up for some LittleBigPlanet of Uncharted 2 co-op. Oh and LittleBigPlanet 2 when that comes out.

Feel free to add me as well: koz4221

I am Mrtomaytohead here, there, and everyhwere.

It would be nice to play through Transformers War for Cybertron w/ someone since my friend I was going to play through with sold me his copy.

Games for the future:
Castle Crashers
Uncharted 2

feel free to add me too!

Hobbes9999 (PSN wouldn't accept 2099 for their own reasons).

Add me

I'm dc_juv3nal
Please feel free to add me (but do mention that you're from gwj or I'll probably ignore you).
Having said that, it may be a while before I'm on the ps3 as I'm currently working my way through Fable 3.

You can add me. The only MP I play on PS3 are its exclusives, so that mainly means MAG, right now, with the occasional Uncharted 2 and even Modnation Racers thrown in. I will be playing a lot of Killzone 3 when that launches.

Heya All, I am new to the forums and I do play PS3, my tag is Tsunada, add me anytime I love having friends to spy err I mean I love having friends on my list!

Koz wrote:

Feel free to add me as well: koz4221

You're one of the slackers I added last weekend that hasn't been on all week.

To everyone else, added. Please accept me and let's play Rock Band or LBP or something.

Already noticed a couple friends when I was playing RB Beatles the other night, and there's that "friends' high scores" which stirs up my competitive nature. Good stuff.

I did go through my Steam friends list and the PSN-name-list by people's forum names, and try to add everyone that I saw on my Steam friends to my PSN friends. But I only found maybe 30 people out of lots of Steam friends. And only a few this week have accepted my request (Thanks garrion, fxeni, cyranix, lobster, tanglebones, ahrezmendi, and evo :cool:). So if you've played TF2/L4D/anything else with me on Steam, and have your PSN id in your info, you probably have a friend request waiting.

I'm one of them regular PS3 type folks.

Looking to play Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer.

'Troland' is my PSN name.

Stele wrote:
Koz wrote:

Feel free to add me as well: koz4221

You're one of the slackers I added last weekend that hasn't been on all week. ;)

Actually I've been on quite a bit recently playing RB3. I thought I saw I had no new messages but I will check it again.

I don't play my PS3 often but I will be playing a ton of GT5.
Feel free to add me.

My PS3 is mostly a blue ray and DVD player but feel free to add me. I'll have to double check but I'm pretty sure I'm Norfair.

Did they ever fix the vox issues so you could actually talk to people when playing Rock Band? Not being able to easily communicate killed playing that online for me.

Hemidal is my PSN name. Not terribly active on there, but it never hurts to have some more online friends...

or does it?

I'd love to get a 4 player LBP game going, I still haven't finished the Pirates DLC. Does anybody know if they ever fixed the crippling lag issues in the game? Last time I tried playing 4 player it like watching the computer spaz it was so laggy.

Feel free to add me. I don't play much multi but I do love to compare high scores and achievements (er trophys).

I'll try to add everyone here when I get the chance.

Hi guys. I understand the intention of threads like this, but I'd rather we didn't have one for every platform under the sun. That's why we added the fields in the account section.

What I recommend is when a PS3/PSN game is being discussed, see who is playing it and add people as you go. Soon enough your friends list will be brimming I assure you. As noted, PSN user list is here.