God of War: Ghost of Sparta Catch-All

Wow, no catch-all for this? I'm a bit shocked, because this is a fantastic game.

Chains of Olympus was one of the best PSP games I've played, and so far this one is topping it. Ready at Dawn has incorporated a number of changes from God of War 3 (QTE prompts appear on the screen sides corresponding to the button, boss/mini-boss names appear on screen) and has kept all the great improvements that were in Chains of Olympus (simply hold a button to open a chest instead of mashing it).

I've only played just a bit past Atlantis, but so far this is a blast. Has anybody else bought this and started it?

I just started this today...it is the last of the God of War games for me to complete. The combat in these games is just so much fun...they have really got the "impact" feeling down.

I got it when I got my Vita. It's my second favourite God Of War after 3.

RaD already had the combat feel great in Chains of Olympus, they just put a ton of design polish into this. CoO had quite a few unfortunate checkpoints and difficulty spikes, but I only remember one from this game.

I've wanted to play GoW 2 and 3, but they never seem to be on sale on PSN.