I5 P55 Motherboards Are You Happy?

I know a bunch of people have upgraded recently and I was thinking about it myself. I have done some research on the motherboards but I figured I should ask here and see what people think of the builds they have.

Any motherboards I should stay away from or even better any boards I should absolutely look into?

My first thought was EVGA P55 sli or the FTW board, but I think the later is a bit too expensive, and the further I looked into it the more I started to hear about possible USB issues? Other than that it seem those boards are really highly recommended.

The other possibility is a Gigabyte UD6 or something like that.

Any others I should look at? As for how much I want to spend. I am not sure. I would be willing to spend over 200 bucks for the right board though. I want stability. The current Asus board I have has been a pain in the butt on more than one occasion and I don't want to deal with those kinds of problems anymore.

Thanks for help!

Gaald wrote:

EVGA P55 sli

This is the board I have right now and it's been great. I haven't had any issues with it. BIOS is easy to work in, board features are nice, etc.

The other possibility is a Gigabyte UD6 or something like that.

I used a Gigabyte P55-USB3 in a build I did for someone else and it was a nice board too.

Don't think you'd be going wrong either way.