Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit Catch-All

The demo's up on XBL, if you haven't tried it yet, so everyone can enjoy the fun of caroming off walls and oncoming traffic, and still beating ColdForged's times by 25 seconds.

Anyway, the demo actually got me a little excited for the game. Not "BUY IT" excited because I don't even have $60 to throw around in my dreams, but it looks like a 2010 update of the 1998 title that I absolutely loved, all the way down to the spoken primers on all the cars in the game. I'm not totally sold on the AI's capabilities, although I guess catch-up logic is to be expected at this point in these kind of games.

But still, fun! I'm interested to see more of the Cop Chasing, since I always got a kick out of that, although my favorite part of the game back in '98 was tearing through a roadblock at 120 MPH and causing the chasing cop to absolutely smash into his compatriots. The crashes do look a bit tasty, not Burnout certainly but fun.

All of this reminds me, why the hell haven't we had a update of Road Rash yet?