Fantasy Football league owner needed - Apply within!!!!

Hey all,

I'm the commish of a rather unique fantasy football league on ESPN. This is the second year. Basically, I got to messing around and picked a ton of options to do something different. We have an owner who has apparently gone dead, and we need him replaced ASAP. We are a keeper league, and you will be keeping five players into next year. PLEASE do not ask to join if you will not keep up with the team AND stick around next season. We want active, committed owners. So I don't want to boot you and find another owner in two weeks. This is the fist time anyone has been booted out of the league.

So, the team goes to the first person to respond in this thread with a 100% yes, and everyone else will be back-ups.

Here is how things work. We not only have the offensive players, but we also have individual defensive players, a punter, and a head coach. We have a very large roster to manage, and it is some work, so you need to know both sides of the ball and willing to put in some time each week. We have a total of 18 active roster spots each week and 14 bench spots.

The team needing replacing has some good players. I won't list the complete roster, but here are all the top 20 players currently on his team:

Tony Romo, QB
Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
Ronde Barber, CB
Falcons Coach
Greg Jennings, WR
Miles Austin, WR
Brent Celek, TE
Calais Campbell, DE
DJ Williams, LB
Andy Lee, P
Robbie Gould, K
Benjamin Watson, TE
Kyle Orton, QB

The team currently has a 0-7 record, so you won't make the playoffs this year, but you can win some games and be well situated for next year.

Also, we have trophies in this league. Each week everyone gets something, either positive or negative, and we have fun with that too. The league is very active, and we have some high school football coaches in there, which makes it fun as well. It is a good group of guys.

The scoring is pretty wild, and scores of over 350 points aren't uncommon. It is a PPR league with bonuses for long TD catches/runs/throws and a myriad of other scoring options.

I know it is weird, and it is wild, but we have a lot of fun with it. And to be honest, it really isn't a whole lot of more work than a regular team. I manage four fantasy teams this year, and I'm able to keep up with my team in this league in addition to being commish, and all four teams and my commish duties only take up about 30-45 minutes a week.

Let me know if you want in, and I need your email address so I can immediately add you as an owner and have you ready for Sunday's games.

Thanks for your time everyone.