A World of Keflings Catch-All



Don't know how I missed this. Looks very fun. Can't wait to kick some Keflings around the world.

Looks to feature:
Shooting Keflings from cannons
Kicking Keflings
Pushing buildings around (OH YEAH!)
Better? split screen coop

May or May not Feature:
Going into other people's games, picking up all their Keflings, and kicking them off the map, at which point they no longer have any Keflings.

Played a bunch over the holiday. Big improvements all around over the first game but some of my favorites:
- The construction buildings now have little hammer icons over what is needed for the current blueprint.
- Being able to move constructed buildings. I could never go back to the original now.
- The cannons are a fun diversion.
- The witch potions that let you upgrade your abilities.
- The general scale and scenery variation.
- A soundtrack with more than 2 songs!!

Played local coop with my brother and had a great time. Something about these games make's them so relaxing. There really is no way to lose, and that is part of it, but there's something more too. The tone of the Keflings is just right and provides a pleasant reprieve from the intensity of more "hardcore" games.

There's some sort of sharing feature that I haven't explored yet. So if anyone wants to try it out feel free to friend me.

Agreed! Also, having an actual storyline and plot that was deeper than just "go build the next thing on the list" was a welcome change. And having dudes to go fetch building components for you (and even finish off buildings) was nice.

Overall, I've been very happy with the Keflings games. I half wish that they would add in an enemy empire and combat (making it basically Settlers Lite), but I think that might ruin an otherwise idealized and VERY kid-friendly experience.

merphle wrote:

And having dudes to go fetch building components for you (and even finish off buildings) was nice.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this completely. Those little helper dudes are the best. At first I didn't know why they were hanging out by me. Then they started picking up parts and bringing them over. Thank you sir, may I have another

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