Citizen Radio Podcast, thoughts?

Citizen Radio Podcast

A well-produced, humorous and highly liberal/progressive podcast about under-reported news and the occasional interview. I've only listened to a couple episodes, but I like it a lot so far. I certainly don't agree with everything they say, but it's interesting, thoughtful and easy to listen to.

Anyone else listen? Thoughts? Other political podcasts you find interesting?

There's always Dan Carlin!

Common Sense is the political show and Hardcore History is a surprisingly good show about, well, history. I subscribe to both. It's hard to really classify Carlin but he seems like one of those guys who started out as a pragmatist and ended up a leftist as the country has drifted to the right. He hated Bush and now he hates Obama.

It's an interesting podcast but also a rather depressing one since more and more his conclusion seems to be, "this system is broken but so is the system we'd use to fix it."

I LOVE Hardcore History, but have not checked out his political show. I'll definitely do that.