Laptop HDMI Out

So, I picked up a 15' HDMI cord to go out to my 720p plasma TV. Video looks pretty sweet.

Audio is nonexistent. As far as I can tell, HDMI audio output is enabled on my I misunderstand, am I not supposed to have both video and audio when I connect the HDMI to my TV?

By the way, all my HDMI devices go into the TV, and then I run digital audio out of the TV into a surround-sound receiver.

Any thoughts?

Check your audio outputs/devices. On my Win7 notebook, even after plugging the HDMI in the crappy laptop speakers are still the default. Then my wife was pissed at me because I forgot to switch it back to the crappy laptop speakers later.

So, in fairness, kind of what Roughneck said. Just thought I'd clarify a bit.

Short answer, it is either a neglected function or a problem to be fixed in Win 7 and Vista. Some say it is part of their new copy protection.

On any accord, you are limited to using one audio channel at a time. For most of us this means we choose our audio card/on board chip or a USB headset or HDMI to a receiver. You cannot send audio to multiple channels without a separate sound card. I have not tried this in months, but the last time I noticed that I had to have my TV on when I started the PC or I could not get audio over HDMI-and it would default to HDMI.

You can manually change things if you like. But what I ended up doing was hooking a Y splitter into my sound card with one lead to my receiver and another to my headset for the PC.

My GF's Samsung laptop has an hdmi output and the audio automatically switches to the TV speakers on Windows Vista and no work from us to watch or play anything, and when we unplug it auto switches. We also have the exact same TV/receiver setup you do.

But you are correct with an HDMI port you should get both audio and video going down the cable. so i would try and eliminate possible sources. First since you know the TV and the receiver play audio/video correctly you can eliminate them as a problem. You know the laptop itself will play audio/video so that's not a problem, leaving us with two possibilities: One- Bad software switching in the laptop from one audio output to another or Two - Bad HDMI cable. if you've got a spare try plugging it in and see if the problem repeats itself, also try the HDMI cable in a different port on the TV just in case the problem is there. If everything hardware tests out you know it's a windows issue and then we have to find a work around in there, i like Roughneck's suggestions earlier as well check drivers and check to see if output to the HDMI is muted.

On my laptop, I have to plug in the HDMI cable and then right click on the little speaker icon in the right hand corner and left click on playback devices. I then have to left click on realtek digital output and click set as default (note I have to do this before I start the program that I am using to play back video). When I am done I have to remember to set the sound default back, it ain't pretty, but it works