Pirates of the Burning Sea: going F2P

Interesting... They just released an expansion (havent had time to check it otu yet) and now this.


Guess I'll finally give PotBS a try. LOTRO's FTP conversion left me luke-warm but I likely won't have that response with this one since I won't have any idea what's been stripped from the game to make it FTP.

I like PotBS, but you have to be in a guild to be competitive and just dont have the time for this one on top of everything else i play. Without a guild it takes forever to get what you need to level up efficiently. Still fun.

I guess pirates really are free? I'll try it too.

Just got this in an email

After much review and consideration, SOE and Flying Lab Software have decided that Pirates of the Burning Sea will leave the SOE family of games on January 31, 2013. Portalus Games, a new company made up of former Flying Lab employees, is planning to re-launch the game on its own platform in the near future.

Portalus Games plans to continue operation of both the Roberts and Antigua servers upon the re-launch. If you wish to have access to your existing characters when Portalus relaunches the game, you will need to create a Portalus Games account and link your game data to that account before January 31, 2013 (details below). Please note that none of your SOE account data or personal information will be transferred in this process.

More information about Portalus Games, the new team, and upcoming plans for Pirates of the Burning Sea will be available on the Portalus Games

Just a reminder...

The deadline for completing the Account Migration process is January 31st.