Do you 3d? As in Max, Maya, Blender, SketchUp, Other? Or Modding Games?

I'd say go for SoftImage, then. You can get the Mod Tool for free from Autodesk. It controls like a blend of Max and Maya-- takes a bit of getting used to if you're more familiar with either of those, but I found it far more intuitive than Blender ever was. Still not as intuitive as Silo, but you'll be able to build your basemesh for sculpting in there, as well as retopologize for the low-poly mesh. It might even have a NIF export tool, so you might be able to avoid Blender altogether, but I'm not certain on that. I'm betting someone in the mod community has made a script for NIF export, though, considering it's free software that's fairly popular among the mod community. Otherwise, people will straight out pirate Max or Maya.

Oh but like you said, there are other NIF tools you could use for that, so that might not even be necessary. Still, you'll need something for basemeshes and retopo work, and I'd say SoftImage is probably your best bet unless you're fine with struggling through Blender.

Let us know how it goes.

I understood about half of what you said.

I understood about half of what you said.

Stick with Sketchup then. *rimshot*

Any interest in creating a GWJ user group?
Run challenges like 3dtotal? Except on a short spare time basis?

You wouldn't stand a chance!
*glove slap*



Oh Snap! 3d throwdown!

Aghhk...I don't have cool, sculpted models to brag about, I'm hardly as detailed in my modelling as Wipeout is. Still, I would be interested in taking part on this thing.

Aw man!

Like I need any efin more incentive to not be at work right now.
Tonight is out, I am visiting my nephew.

Gah! It has been so long since I have done any modeling it is killing me!

Actually, I wouldn't really be able to participate at the moment either-- I have too much 3D work on my plate right now, especially the above dude. Maybe later in the summer, though...

That would be the short spare time effect.
I doubt I'll be doing anything non-work related until about mid April.
Except some nights you just have to do something else. I suppose we could, you know, game.
But I'd have as much fun modelling an X. (water bottle, joystick, stapler, mouse trap... boring small scope models)

Talk to me after PAX.

Yeah in the last year I have chosen drama/theatre as my artistic outlet. Being active and among people are much better for my health/stress.

Funny though that I started a new job and in spite of thoroughly enjoying acting and generally being in a good place, I am feeling the bug/itch to do modeling in addition. The crazy world of IT will do that to you!

fangblackbone wrote:

Very little free time

Feeank wrote:

Very little free time

WipEout wrote:

Very little free time

Ghostship wrote:

Very little free time

momgamer wrote:

Very little free time

most of us here wrote:

Very little free time

I propose a protracted challenge. Work to possibly a 3 month deadline, then we can all work on stuff in our 'in between' times.

Produce X between now and then. Post when you have something, we critique the work, then you work back into it, or leave as is before the time is due. How does that sound?

Starting May 1st, that's good for me

What might our theme be?

Like that idea.
Casual, but with impetus to finish; or even start.

Is there a game, "low poly" skew still, in the industry? or the low poly mesh has now taken on the importance of the physics mesh. I lost my connection around when normal mapping became standard. I suppose profile will still be everything, so the low poly mesh will still be quite important.

And does everyone already know sculpting, or should we ask for our local expert to setup a "sculpt on base mesh" challenge later on. Maybe after some more orthographic modeling challenges.

The difficulty of this will accommodating the broad range of skills we have from amateur to pro.

I'd be in. I'd vote for keeping the challenges on the simpler side - weapons, props - anything to keep the timeline shorter (but not rushed). If the length of the round is too long, then people lose focus and forget.

Yeah, low poly is still technically the standard for final products, though what constitutes "low poly" has changed since normal mapping and stronger GPUs have come about. Where low poly used to be 2500 polys for a real-time character mesh, now we're looking at 10-15K as the bog standard (Level-Of-Detail models notwithstanding), real-time cinematic/cut-scene models are upwards of 20-25K (Uncharted). These are all with normal, specular, bump, Ambient Occlusion, alpha, and emissive maps to round out the details, along with the diffuse/color map as well.

But yes, the silhouette is still very important-- so low or hi-poly, you need a good design that has a unique silhouette to really stand out. Take a look at Polycount's current Darksiders 2 contest-- artists are competing to have their weapon designs/models in the game. You can see from some of the entries how much the artists are trying to knock out the silhouette in thumbnails before even getting into the rest of the design. And those that don't-- well, you can see how their designs tend to be rather subpar relative to those that are emphasizing profiles.

Maybe some of you would be interested in a dev talking about building a model.

Hey, if anyone's willing to partner up and do some mesh/texture work for Skyrim mods, let me know.

Signing up to the challenge. Might be up as well for the skyrim modelling adventure I think.

I'd be in for the challenge. Been a while since I've really done any modelling though. Curious what the theme would be as well. 3D model of Stan, maybe?

I am being blown away by Maxwell render. It truly is amazing with its awesome materials and lighting ability. I am now saying goodbye to Mental Ray. It's so much easier and less time consuming to get awesome results

Here is my first test run:


Uhhh... Tempest, that looks like a photo. I think you are pulling our legs!

Hehe thanks. I am working on rendering prius I did a awhile back. Will post the results soon.

mrtomaytohead wrote:

Maybe some of you would be interested in a dev talking about building a model.

Dammit, now I am downloading Sculptris instead of working on the elective Flash animation assignment for my Masters...

When will I learn not to browse the GWJ community while I'm meant to be doing 'other' stuff?

Alright. I have scrapped Maxwell because it takes too long to render full scenes and it really too much of a different workflow.

Now it's on to Vray for Maya and I am having great results! Here is a render test of Skin Sub surface scattering. I got the head and uv textures from


Just bought the office 5 copies of Vray for Maya. Yay!

Nice! We use VRay here, too, for our pre-rendered work. I'm actually going to start using it myself (I primarily model and animate, so render passes go to someone else down the line). Although we've got it for Max, as that's our main 3D software.

I dont every really deal with render passes. While they are useful we just dont have the time to do that here since projects are so fast paced.


I love Sculptris, Zbrush never gave me this much liberty, if you want to really let your creative juices flowing, this is one hell of a tool , and for free, no less.