Fixing DS-lite bottom LCD and touch screen.

My wife's DS-lite started having dead pixels a while back, and I've been putting off repairing it. I'm comfortable doing the work, but I'm worried about buying the wrong parts. While the touch screen seems to work in the dead areas, I figure I might as well replace it while I've got the unit open.

It's a black DS-lite, I'll need the tool, but last time I remember looking up the parts I wasn't really sure what I should go with. I don't want something that's not going to be just as good as the original screen. Any help finding the parts, or advice in repairing the unit appreciated.

Thanks guys.

Try ifixit (ds lite) for some steps on how to fix different parts of the DS Lite (and they sell tools too, see right side of site after selecting repair section).

Also found a solid guide over at instructables

It does look like you'll have to check ebay or a different place for replacement parts.