Penguin's Ohio S&T 10-23-10 (Reach, Mario Kart, Rock Band 2, Board Games, and Beer)

oilypenguin wrote:

Set up starts at 10AM. I should have roving bands of go-fers running around from 10 until we start at 3. You're more than welcome to show up at any point in there.

And that goes for all of you, feel free to come early.

"Yes Oh Great Master Penguin" "One of Us" "One of Us" "One of......"

Wait what just happened? Why can't I remember the last few minutes? What's this oily taste in my mouth?


so much abuse in my damn thread.

tournament schedule will be up by 7.

One last reminder, if anyone is interested in carpooling, message me!

EDIT: Currently we're leaving MI Friday evening and swinging down I-69 to catch the toll road and pick up cyrax.

EDIT2: It's seven.

Since we're tossing out game requests... Does anyone happen to have Last Night on Earth? Sounds like a lot of fun.

And I've been reading up on Gamma World... WOW.

ya ya, i know it's 7. it's done. I'm working on getting it out.

L&L, yeah, i'll bring it.

How The Gamut will work:

A win in a Tournament posted above nets you: 20 Points
Second Place: 15
Third Place: 14
Fourth Place: 13
You see where I'm going with this. The points decline down to 1. Everyone gets 1. It's like a "participant" ribbon. I know, I could make it zero but this is more patronizing, I think.

If the turnout for the tournament is low (*cough* NHL *cough*) then those 4 people may just get a stack of points for coming to play. So play everything you have a chance to, I'm betting a lot of people haven't played all of these. You might get points for nothing.

Playing an unofficial tournament or a board game nets you 5 points. That's it. 5. But that's just for playing it. Unfortunately, that tops out at 15 (and that needs to come from 3 unique games). So if you're bummed that you miss something due to a scheduling conflict or just plain forgetting, make it up by getting a few games in. Some really awesome board games will be there, milk those for points. Again: you get 5 points for playing games but the max on that is 15. You get the most points from the tournaments.

The 16 people with the highest scores will advance to the finals for prizes and glory. And every point matters, you'll want a high seed in the finals.

Everyone will be issued a score sheet for keeping track. We'll collect those when the tournaments are done so we can do some math. The person organizing the tournament will sign off on your points and for unofficial stuff, just get someone to sign there that you played it.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit me with them

One other thing:

The party kind of grew exponentially. A lot of people are coming and I'm worried we won't have enough TVs.

If you're comfortable bringing one, please do. You can send me a PM to ease my mind that you're bringing one or I promise to be thrilled if you just show up with one.

We can cover the minimum of what we need but I'd like some other stuff running concurrently and we're just not there yet. If you can help, that would be great.

Oh, and regardless of if you're bringing a TV or system, please bring any video games you want to play. The more options we have, the better.

I am bringing my projector, if you weren't counting that. I can also bring a widescreen monitor... But there are no speakers. And it's small.

Thanks, Mike. Don't worry about the monitor. I have one at home we can steal in a pinch (I live 5 minutes away) that has speakers.

The tournament sounds great, oily. I might be interested in the NHL matches. '10 was spoke well of but I have yet to play any NHL game, ever. I'll go play that '11 demo I have and see what I think.

/ignores oily's ignore toward handhelds

/ignores DQ9

So, what MP games is everyone bringing? Obvious choices are Advance Wars and Mario Kart. PSP is coming too, but I can't think of a great mp game off the top of my head.

Question about the office space. Is it an unused space that's mainly open, some cubicles, or a typical office setup?

How are you set on network cables and HDMI cables? I've got a couple spare HDMI cables I can prolly dig up, a couple 10' IIRC ethernet cables, and one freaking long ethernet cable.

Dear Matt's,

Which is the most acceptable:

1) Promote our clan "Matt" on our shirts. (avatar, aka last name, optional)
2) Introduce ourselves as our forum name. It's natural.
3) Accept that terrible pun of nickname, even though the sound of it causes you to lose a little more sanity.
4) Try out a new name! This works great in most occasions with strangers, especially social events. "Your name's not Griffin? Haha! Good show!"
5) Superglue your avatar to your face. Don't forget to cut the holes first...

Uh... what's a DS? Handheld gamers, organize yourselves ;p

Not a ton of free space available but we can always set up tables if you want to use a laptop but I don't know where we would put you so you're out of the way. Other than that, there should be table space in the kitchen.

As for networking supplies, we should be ok. This is an IT company that we're going to and Matt (J) who works there has supplies. And if not, I can wire a medium sized office with all the crap I have at home, and that's a 5 minute trip away.

Schedule of Events:

3PM - Get here
4PM - I probably talk about something. We go over the meta-game rules. Let's call it... The Gamut
4PM- Halo: Reach Rumble Pit starts. Random draws for who you're playing against until we have 16 Players, then 8, then 4.
4PM - Rock Band: Soloist Duel. Single Elimination Tournament. A coin flip decides who goes first. That person chooses a song and an instrument and plays for a high score. The person they're playing then tries to beat the score on the same song and instrument. Loser chooses the next song/ instrument combo. First to 3 wins moves on.
5PM - Mario Kart. We'll be running 8 Player races through each circuit on 150cc. Top 4 people advance.
5PM - NHL10 (I don't have 11). 1v1s with very fast periods and shootouts to decide ties
6PM - Smash Bros. Wii. Single elimination.
6PM - Rock Band 2: Battle of the Bands. 4 person bands square off in a single elimination bracket, alternating songs. You keep your band throughout the tournament. AWESOME BAND NAMES REQUIRED.
6PM - Wii Bowling (yeah. really.)
7PM - Super Street Fighter 4. Single elimination, best of 3 Matches (each match being best of 5 rounds)
8PM - Halo: Reach 2 person team rumble pit. Single Elimination.
8PM - Wii Boxing (again, yes. Seriously).
10PM - Finals Round 1 - 16 Players
11PM - Finals Round 2 - 8 Players
12:30AM - Finals Round 3 - 4 Players

Round 3 should be pretty quick, so we should have The Gamut wrapped by 1.

Ack! I forgot to mention the battle of the bands. Schedule is fixed.

I may have to make a slight transition from my ION kit to the normal Rock Band kit, but I'm looking forward to some epic drum-offs! As for the battle of the bands, do people want to start making Rock Band teams now?

Penguin, I plan on coming now. I shall get my hands on a box (or two) of Yuengling and will be ready to donate to the cause.

SuperDave wrote:

Penguin, I plan on coming now. I shall get my hands on a box (or two) of Yuengling and will be ready to donate to the cause.

Bless you. Bless you right in your face. I love that stuff quite a bit but I'm too lazy to drive to PA to get it.

If you guys want to form bands now, have at it.

When is the CC being done for the drawing? I didnt see that listed on the schedule.

Tigerbill wrote:

When is the CC being done for the drawing? I didnt see that listed on the schedule.

When I have a time for it, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. I hope to not have to move anything but we'll see. We'll also have to check the noise levels to see where we should put Pryo for just the right amount of "he's very obviously at a party but it isn't too loud to do this" background noise.

Rock Band might need moved around a bit and since Halo will be in the main room, maybe that will get too loud as well. Anyway, we'll figure it out =)

I'm so ready for a drum-off. Let the trash talk begin.

And I'm ready to see boardgames I would NEVER be able to get my friends to play.

Just to clarify some things, because I want to bring enough money and supplies:

1. You ask us to bring $20, which is kinda like a general host/supplies sort of fee to help with your shopping runs, it sounds like?
2. Bring extra money for extra beer, pizza runs, etc.?
3. The shopping list on the spreadsheet is stuff you need people to pick up or is it stuff you guys are already getting?

I just want to make sure Child's play gets some cash and you guys get money for all the work/supplies, and don't get stuck paying for a lot of this.

I was gonna do a shopping run and grab some munchies and snacks, or is that already covered?

I'm not sure how far back you posted this, but you said the office building has refrigerators and such, is there a need for coolers and ice?

Ok, here's some money facts:

1.) $20 a person should cover both food and drinks. Should. I think what I'll do is take a general collection from people to establish a fund to work with then send people out throughout the evening as needed. If we somehow run out of money to do this, I'll ask for more.
2.) Any money over that will be for 2 things: Donations to child's play and in case the food/ drink fund runs dry. I plan on having $40 cash on hand for me.
3.) The shopping list on the spreadsheet is for me. However, if you want to buy something off the list, do it and mark it off. I don't think I'll go shopping until Saturday morning since we'll have so many people there early to help out.
4.) If you're bringing anything else, go for it. Like I said, I plan on going shopping for what we want periodically over the course of the evening (so we don't end up with a lot of excess food/ drinks) so if you bring something, that will mean less shopping trips.
5.) We'll have 2 fridges on site and I should bring a few coolers. We'll buy ice and should be good on that score.

Just curious but is anyone planning on bringing Castle Ravenloft?

Not that I am aware of, actually. I've never played it.

Awe. Thanks to your parents we have to party the week it finally turns to Fall in Ohio. You dirty bird.

"Finally turns"? Over here in Western PA / Eastern Ohio, it's been fall for a few weeks now.

cyrax wrote:

Awe. Thanks to your parents we have to party the week it finally turns to Fall in Ohio. You dirty bird.

a high of 67 and raining? that's ohio summer weather.

Why does the outside weather matter anyway?

General Crespin wrote:

Why does the outside weather matter anyway? :D


No LARPing.

cyrax wrote:
General Crespin wrote:

Why does the outside weather matter anyway? :D


No LARPing.

Tell Rabbit I'll hit him with all the foam swords he wants if he comes next year ;p