Official Gamers with Jobs Slap & Tickle Heard 'Round the World! October 23rd


NSMike wrote:

Ha, so the Cleveland S&T wasn't the only one with an attendee wearing those foot shoes.

We had women, too. :p

I can see Seattle was distressingly well-mannered.

We'll have to aim to misbehave a little better next year.

I'm almost certain we had more food than any other group, at least.

If it hadn't been so darned cold there probably would have been pool antics.

Ok, to those still wanting to make Child's play donations, please send those via paypal to elysium AT gamerswithjobs dawt calm. I'm in the process of transfering the money we made over to there so our donation can come from the entire community and not just our poster sale or S&Ts.

I guess singing the Beatles rock band wasn't nearly as exciting or um.. rambunctious that it could have been. Will make sure to bring my Sgt. Peppers suit next year.