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Mine came with Hogues and they were too small. I put Pachmyrs on them and while they are bigger, it wa still too small.

Hmmm. Then it definitely sounds like custom is the only way to go. Have you tried using some type of putty to mold them to what you want? Functionality over looks.

Woooo. Just sent in the paperwork for my SBR and also got a SilencerCo Octane 45. The Octane will get used on multiple hosts. The SBR will primarily be a 10.5" 300bk. I might look into a pistol caliber kit for it down the road.

As a New Jersey resident, I wonder what will end up happening in my lifetime - New Jersey allows silencers, or New Jersey bans firearms altogether.

I am afraid the later is way more likely. Silencers are evil. They are all movie quiet and allow for the killing of anyone you want without others around hearing it. Kinda like a knife......

I am surprised with how mainstream suppressors are right now there is not more legislation against them.

One of my goals for this year is to get a 9mm suppressor for my new Beretta 92. I hear thanks to the way the lockup mechanism works, it suppresses particularly well.

Not sure. I do think it will need a fixed barrel spacer though. I know my 1911 and Xd will need pistons to work properly. None of my group of friends have a pistol suppressor at this time. We all have 22lr and rifle cans.

22lr cans rule.

They are the most fun. They are what I introduce new shooters to suppressors with. I love watching the smile and giggles the first time they shoot it.

Picked up this young buck yesterday.

It's a Hi Power compact clone called the M95 Detective built by Fabricaciones Militares Industria de Argentina, the state run small arms manufacturing arm of the Argentinean Ministry of Science, Technology and Defence Production in the field of MINDEF. They even make a model with the SFS system built in like the Lionheart pistols have. Shame they don't make or import them anymore. Can't wait to do some work on it, get a holster and shoot CCP with it.


A beaut Edwin

I'm not a gun hobbyist by any means, but occasionally I see something that makes me wonder if it's a "movie gun" or a real gun. While watching the surprising August. Eighth on Netflix, I caught this shot of a firearm. The open stock looks kinda Dragunov-y, but the box magazine? For some reason it made me curious. Ideas?


The grip and magazine make me think RPD.

Found this image labeled PK/PKM:


Pretty much identical, IMO.

Yeah that's a PK variant.

AWESOME! Thanks for the information, ye seers of firearms. I think that is indeed a match. Out of curiosity, what is that third barrel (from the "top", coming out of the magazine) of the rifle functionally doing? An anchor point to stabilize the magazine, or...?

Also- August. Eighth - I know this belongs in the Netflix thread, but it's one of the most interesting crossovers of sci-fi/serious somewhat relevant war drama/fantasy movies I've watched. And I still have an hour to go! So it could turn to crap! Don't blame me if it turns to garbage in the second half. But it's been most entertaining so far. If you can tolerate subtitles and intensity levels all over the charts you might enjoy it. PLUS SO MANY RUSSIAN and SOVIET ERA FIREARMS AND ARMOR. Tanks, rotary aircraft, rocket-propelled ordnance, armored vehicles - and then some tender moments with make-believe robots. It's a hot mess. It's been quite a ride so far.

The top long one is the barrel. The shorter one is the gas tube. The expanding gases gets diverted from the barrel into a tube that pushes a springed rod that pushes the whole bolt carrier group back to eject the spent brass. The black metal thing below that touches the green ammo can is the bipod that is folded.

Woot! Congratulations. How much have you previously practiced with the 92? Gotta wonder how much better you can get with it after continuous practice.

Excellent job, Edwin!

Was that your fancy new Beretta?


Quintin_Stone wrote:

Excellent job, Edwin!

Was that your fancy new Beretta?



That smile at the end is what sells it. I love it. I want one.

I feel that way with any suppressor. Have not had an opportunity to shoot the Salvo yet. Since I am not shopping for one, it may be a while. I still am looking to add a 45 can to the collection, so it is priority.

I picked up a Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70 and a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44m yesterday. Booth were used but I can't really tell they have been shot much. They are headed to the country with me next weekend to get a good workout. Right now they both still have open sights but they Marlin will get ghost rings and maybe a red dot. The Ruger will end up with a scope for pig hunting out to 150 yards.

Ran 200 rounds thru my Beretta 1301 yesterday on a sporting clays course. I keep marveling what a smooth, forgiving, and ergonomic machine it is. My friend who has a Winchester, however, got roundly beat up by his 100 rounds or so, despite of wearing a shoulder pad and using wussy Low Recoil 960fps Winchester AA rounds.

Which got us into a discussion -- what are the softest-firing, least-recoiling, wussiest 12ga #7-#8 target loads you know of, based on your experience?

The ones you make yourself!

There are plenty of handicap trap loads that are low power by design. I know Remington makes a ton of them. Kent does too.

If he got beat up by those loads I wonder if it is technique and not recoil issues. A bad hold will knock the crap out of you. I have that happen in the field when I hurry to get on a bird.