The Joys Of Programming

Has lots of fun coding challenges from easy to hard that can be a great way to provide motivation to learn/execute. The great thing is that all the hard graphical/UI stuff is already done, so all you have to do is come up with an algorithm and then code it - which is 95% of what programming is about, any way.

You could even help in the algorithm design and/or coding implementation, depending on just what your son needs and will be motivated by.

I found teaching kids to program that if a kid has something particular in mind they want to make, they're going to learn a lot. In a group setting the base Scratch environment was ideal because the kids could easily fork each others' projects, make silly modifications, and share with each other in a little ad hoc community. That's with a group, though.

I haven't done much one on one with programming. The kids that went lone wolf tended to have a particular vision for something they wanted to make, and weren't about to let the others muck it up. Stuff like model solar systems, platformers, Five Nights at Freddie's clones.

I like Code Combat. I didnt try it as someone learning programming for the first time, I took an online python course for that, but Code Combat seems like a great setup to learn coding/scripting basics in python or JS. Accomplishing levels and getting achievements is very rewarding. is great for providing programming projects to do, but not so much for actual learning unless you get into the community or follow the suggested links. The animations of your code is really great. You do have to pick from their list of supported languages, but there are a lot.

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