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You're going to hell.

Well, that's maybe a little dire. But if you plan on playing online, people might quit out on you as soon as they see your size. It's considered cheap.

I'm not much of an online player, so I won't have to worry about the wrath of some teen cursing my player

Finished the combine, and was drafted by the Celtics, here's hoping I can snag a couple of early championship rings on the backs of the big three.

It's either really awesome or really lazy that my created player wears his bright red headband while entering the arena in a brown suit.

39 games in now. Got my first SI cover.

My Nuggets finally made another trade about 4 games ago. Aaron Afflalo and JR Smith to the Wizards for Alonzo Gee and Kirk Hinrich. Now that we have Hinrich I'm getting 95% of my minutes at SG where I should be instead of a 60/40 split between SG/PG. And the few minutes I get not at SG are at SF now, which is ok for me. Less ball handling. Now I can stop worrying so much about turnovers and focus on scoring and rebounding.

Also now that it's January, award races are up. I'm leading for rookie of the year over Wall. Just passed him about 5 games back though. And now I'm also 5th on Defensive player. Leading the league in steals right now.

Sadly I'm nowhere on the all-star voting, despite being a starting guard. Too many good ones in the west I guess. Bryant, Paul, Williams, Ginobili, Nash, Westbrook, Ellis, Roy, Billups, and Kidd all on the list. Guess that's reason enough to play a 2nd season.

Only annoying thing is now that I never play PG I can't call plays anymore. And also, my team calls a play for me here and there, but not very often. I understand Melo is still the "star" but what kills me is when they sub him out, they don't change to focusing on me. They just call post up plays for Nene. Seems like at least half my scoring is from steals myself or in transition. And another 25% is probably from me getting offensive rebounds. Just not much action from actual offense. Anybody else farther along know when this gets better?

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Thanks Pred, I'll check those out.

Just started a 7'5 All-Around Center, got my drills completed and then played my first draft combine game. 14 Points, 20 Rebounds (6 offensive), 2 blocks (1 sweet swap of Evan Turner), and 4 turnovers (2 three in the key and 2 balls being stripped after an offensive rebound). Finished with an A+ teammate approval rating and 1300 something points, I didn't get my defensive goal of forcing 2 turnovers, but I did get 1.

You're going to hell.

Well, that's maybe a little dire. But if you plan on playing online, people might quit out on you as soon as they see your size. It's considered cheap.

Glad to see another big-man though, most people prefer dancing around the perimeter to banging around inside.

(My PF is jealous of my new SG who is scoring 19+ per game only 7 into his rookie year)

Actually, I used to always play the "My Player" mode with a PF. I love being a point-forward (Pippen being my favorite player ever), so I often try that route these days. However, in the past I found it very satisfying setting picks and being an old school post player. Kevin Love style. I played that way in high school

If I still had a PC...

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If I still had a PC...

*awesome mod video*

Holy crap. I wish I had seen that while 2k11 was on Steam sale last week. I'd double dip just for some college hoops mod.

Current beta download here

Forum and discussion here

I posted some problems with their team selection criteria. But otherwise, that's a helluva start.

Interesting. College versions of pros in their primes would be incredible. Who wouldn't love to play Ewing vs. Akeem in college?

Man it's nice to see the game kept the "screw you" code in from last year. On an 8 game winning streak and the game just decides it's time to lose. Even though I'm at home against OKC, they come out 10-2 to start the game. At half we're still down 10, they've hit 62%, as well as 10/11 free throws, and my team is 38% and only 4/5 from the line.

I surpass my 30, AND 40 point scoring milestones in this game, desperately trying to bring us back. We use a 13-0 run to tie it in the 3rd, but then OKC takes off again. Right when I score my 37th point to cut the lead to 7, with 3:40 left in the game, COACH SUBS ME OUT. I get back in with 1:35 left, down 9. Make a 3, get a steal, and then the game does the clumsy layup sh*t where I press shot, but instead I fumble the ball, trip all over myself and hand it back to the other team.

So 45 points, 11 reb, 60% from the field, 50% from 3, and we lose. Despite my 60%, the team as a whole shoots 41%. 9/10 free throws. Vs OKC's 52%, and 24/26 from the line. Melo actually went 9/19, not great but not terrible. Hinrich and Nene both went 0-5 each. Complete fail. But yet the damn coach calls 1-5 plays every single time Melo is out of the game, instead of calling any plays for me, and I'm on a damn hot streak.


The playcalling AI needs a lot of work. 2k is at the same point with this game as EA is with Madden and NCAA, IMO. The presentation is good. The players move well. It's time to tighten down some of the nonsense. In Madden/NCAA it's linebackers with their backs turned to you leaping 5 feat in the air to grab picks. In this game it's players jumping into passing lanes without looking at the ball. With Madden/NCAA it's the opponent not changing their defensive scheme appreciably when you're abusing a play. In this game it's what you described.

I feel for you, Stele. I feel like a dick saying it but I've had zero frustrating experiences like that on either of my two serious players. My SG, which I gather is around yours in level, gets involved in 50% of the Bulls' plays (averaging 26.6 ppg on 57% shooting, 8 minute quarters). Generally when we lose one close and late, it is my fault.

My PF, as I said before, was on some sort of omega-team with the Kings. We went 73-9, eff the Bulls' record. No BS like restarting after losses, either. We lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Grizzlies, of course.

I'd suggest you keep building your guy until you get that magical star over your head (I'm not sure you need that per se, but I got this kind of control around 80 ovr). Every call for pass will be honored and you'll have a much firmer handle on your team's decision making.

Well I had much more fun the rest of the night. We beat our rival Lakers, so I got double points. Then we were tied with the Pacers. They missed, I grabbed the rebound and called time with 1.9 seconds. Inbounded to me, catch and shoot 3 from the wing at the buzzer... GOOD!

I got a new notice from the Insider guy, that said I was important to the team now and they will come to me about trades or something. I don't see any new menu options or anything new on the trade screen, but I guess maybe I'm not supposed to suggest stuff, they will offer me stuff?

Thanks for the encouragement Blind. For reference my guy is 70 overall, and I think 42 games in or so, just a couple before the all-star break. Things were actually a little better when I was playing a lot of PG, even though I didn't like it, it gave me control of the ball and playcalling. Now I can't even call an iso for myself at the end of a quarter or anything. Maybe the other problem is Melo having that star over his head? It would just seem like now that I'm a starter, and have the most minutes per game in the rotation on the team, and I did get playcall ability, and now am important enough to consult for trades, and I got a SI cover, that maybe just maybe I could get some plays called for me to score on, at least while Melo is on the bench.

On another note, anybody able to pull of triple-doubles with the 8-minute quarters? I got very close last night with 20, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. All of my double-doubles this season have been points/rebounds. I just can't seem to get enough assists, not being a PG, and with the plays that are called.

Stele wrote:

On another note, anybody able to pull of triple-doubles with the 8-minute quarters? I got very close last night with 20, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. All of my double-doubles this season have been points/rebounds. I just can't seem to get enough assists, not being a PG, and with the plays that are called.

I got maybe five after I could call for the ball at will on my PF, over the course of 40 games or so. My PG definitely had the easiest time with it, as rebounding is more about player skill than stats. I had to avoid getting rebounds for a few games on him to make sure I got double points for my first triple-double. This was like 5 games into his season (having Durant to pass to is nice for the assist total).

Regarding your SG's lack of ball-time, I'd maybe request a trade to a team in more need of a scorer. Maybe the Bucks? Suns?

In other news, I finally got my 5x5 achievement. Thanks Mr. Pippen!

Blind_Evil wrote:

In other news, I finally got my 5x5 achievement. Thanks Mr. Pippen!

I figured I'd get that with Jordan or Pippen during a challenge. I got triple-doubles for both of them on the last one I did.

Also, I hate that achievements have that non-simulated tag on them. It prevents you from getting achievements in My Player games unless you sit there on the bench the whole time you are out. Pretty annoying. I would have got the "game winner with 0 time left on the clock" one last night when I hit that 3, but nope.

I just can't see myself doing a long association mode to pick up the ones I'm missing. And with multiplayer achievements like winning 5 ranked games in a row, there's no way I'm going to get 100% anyway.

Hmm. I never realized that the automation while subbed out was why I don't get achievements in My Player. Thanks for the heads up.

Well, I thought i was supposed to be consulted on trades.

But management sent Ty Lawson and Kenyon Martin to the Hawks for Maurice Evans and Joe Johnson.

While I appreciate another star in Joe... losing Lawson isn't good, and losing KMart is even worse. And the worst part is Evans. Another SF/SG? We already have me and Melo taking up most of the minutes at those two spots. The last trade just got Alonzo Gee as a backup SG. And Gary Forbes was already backing up Melo. Harrington and Kmart and Nene and Andersen were doing just fine splitting up the PF minutes, with Patterson getting some time too. I guess we'll be relying on him a lot more now.

But Joe isn't nearly the PG that Lawson it, at least from the first game. He turned it over a few times and jacked up a bunch of 3s that missed. And I saw the AI call some PG scoring plays now. Yay, just one more guy to take plays away from me.

And why did we need a trade? We just overtook 2nd in the West. Only the Lakers and Celtics have better records than us right now. I'm just baffled. And insulted that I wasn't consulted since I was supposed to be now.

Tempted to try to reload my save from a game or two back and hope it doesn't go through....

The whole "We'll come to you for trade suggestions" is just a menu that pops up once in a while (usually a few games after they tell you and right before the trade deadline), giving you the option to pick five players for them to target. I've never gotten them to go get any of the guys I picked, and none were unreasonable IMO.

It's weird that such high name players are going around in your game. My experience is that only role players ever get traded (Bucks traded Earl Boykins for Kris Humphries, Wolves traded Anthony Tolliver for Eddy Curry).

You'll also be asked who to seek out in free agency at the end of the year, though again I've never seen them get who I suggest.

I'd go for it and reload. You've got way too many wings, like the Pistons but better. K-Mart is a beast defensively and on the boards, and Lawson was your only real PG since you got traded for Billups (right?). Not sure if it'll keep the trade from happening, but you should be the guinea pig so we all know in the future

Cool I was wondering about that menu, if I was just missing something.

Yeah this new lineup sucks. Apparently the trade went through before my post-game save after the Cavs game, which is really odd. I didn't think any non-game simluating stuff happened until you hit "play next game." So I only noticed the trade during the next game, so it looks like I'll have to replay two games, assuming it doesn't go through.

Also, looking at just the save, before the cavs game and after with the trade, it hurts the team. Looking at the Schedule page, it shows Team Chemistry down at the bottom. 61% on the save before the trade. After the win/trade, which should have increased due to 5-game win streak, chemistry is down to 56%.

Yeah Hinrich is now our backup PG in the trade from a few weeks back. And I thought everyone was happy. 6 guys all have 30+ minutes in the rotation settings, and Harringon with 19. Dunno who wanted the trade. Maybe Hinrich is the problem. His stats in the roster have a -2 beside them, and his Status is listed as "Starter" even though he's a backup. Harrington should be happy with his minutes in a "6th man" role he has listed, but his stats are also -1.

Gonna replay the one game and see if they still trade. Since you got different teams in your postseason experiment, hopefully I will have some luck.

Hm. Success I guess. The Hawks traded Evans to the Pacers for both Solomon Jones and Josh McRoberts. Man this game really hates McRoberts.

But I lost to the Cavs... can't really have that on my record.

Stupid game goal was for me to hit 4 3s. So I was forcing them a bit... shot like 20%.

EDIT: So this time I beat the Cavs, as I originally did. No trades for anybody that day. Also got my first Pts/Ast double-double, since a goal was 6 assists.

Man I don't know about real life or anything, but in my game Kirk Hinrich is a whiny little ballhog. He is now -4 from morale, despite getting more minutes than Melo last game. Even though he's only alloted 31 minutes, 6th on the team, he apparently isn't happy with that. Maybe it's because his role is still "starter" and he's really the 6th man?

Either way, he breaks plays and jacks up horrible shots pretty much every chance he gets. And we end up playing small, with Lawson at PG, Hinrich at SG, me at SF, and Melo at PF for too many minutes every game, just to get Hinrich minutes apparently.

It's also killed the sub minutes for Balkman and Forbes, our backup SFs. They rarely get in the game and are only alloted 4 and 3 minutes respectively on the rotation. They are both at -7 now.

Hope management asks me about trade suggestions soon, I want to get rid of Hinrich and find a backup PG who's happy being a 6th man, plus get my role players some minutes back.

EDIT: He's even in the rumor mill with a "Growing Frustrated?" headline, something about Rockets interested.

Sorry to keep posting but I've been playing a lot tonight. This is like my running journal of My Player.

My GM is insane I tell you. After one of my best all-around games (22, 8, 10, and 6 steals, shot 10/15) just missing a triple-double, and stomping the Mavs by 19, he pulls two trades in the postgame. SG Keith Bogans for C Chris Anderson. Again, we don't need more SGs, we've got me. Then the next day, we send SF Gary Forbes and PF K-Mart to the Pitons for SG Rip Hamilton and PF Austin Daye.

Now we have 4 SGs on the roster, with Hamilton at 77, me at 73 and Bogans and Gee at 67. And now Nene is our only C with no backup. K-Mart was our other solid big man.

I don't understand why this crazy game is intent on shoving me to the SF spot and playing Melo at PF, but that's really the only option when they keep overloading us on SGs. If I wanted to play SF though I would have made one, and certainly wouldn't have got traded to a team with a superstar at SF already. Stupid game.

I really don't want to reset again, that was such a fantastic game. Ugh.

Stele wrote:

This is like my running journal of My Player.

I did the exact same thing on pages 2 and 3, don't feel bad.

It does sound like your GM has developed a taste for hard drugs or something. I've played about 3 seasons worth of games across all my characters and have never seen so many moves pulled. Especially not god-awful ones. K-mart has a HUGE contract (17m), maybe he was trying to clear up space? Rip's is something like 13m, though...

Also, my experience with Melo in this mode may be of interest to you. During my stretch of resetting the offseason to get on a team I really, really liked...he left Denver every time. You may or may not want to get the hell out of town depending on that. I'll tell you, Chicago is a nice town for SGs.

1. D-rose
2. You
3. Deng
4. Boozer
5. Noah.

Championship caliber!

Well it's 10 days before the trade deadline or so, so you'd think they're making moves for this year. Yet we have been on win streaks of 9 and 8 lately, so I think we've won like 17 of 19, and the whole time just 1 game back of the Lakers.

Well apparently the Bogans trade went through directly after the game before the Mavs. And it must have been a setup for the next move. I replayed the Mavs game and they pulled the same stupid trade. Getting frustrating wasting half an hour or more for no gain. I guess I'll try the start-quit-sim and see if I can erase the first trade, before I replay two more games. Funny though, how I didn't even notice the Bogans deal the first time around. I guess he was just my SG backup, I never was on the court at the same time with him, although we still used the stupid lineup with Hinrich at SG and me at SF and Melo at PF to get Hinrich his precious minutes. And I did notice Alonzo Gee finally got some more minutes that game, I think at SF backing up Melo. My last couple assists to get 10 were to him. I should have known something was up since he had been riding pine ever since he got traded to us.

The funny thing is overall trade logic seems a lot better than last year. The NBA really doesn't make that many moves, but in 2k10, during My Player, there were something like 20 trades a season. Hardly any team resembled themselves by the end of 2 years. In 2k11 things have been relatively calm though. I think there's only been 4-5 trades aside from the first one I requested to get out of Houston. Except for my team of course, which is still trying to correct for getting me and Patterson I guess.

I still can't believe they have this whole team rating with allowing you to be consulted on trades, an interface to let you select people they want, but when the computer decides to make a move they don't bother asking if you think it's a good trade or not. What the hell is the point? If this wasn't a yearly title, a feature like that could probably be requested and patched into the mode. But we'll probably have to wait for 2k12 now and fork over some more cash.

EDIT: Spent some time simming from previous saves. Every single time, the K-Mart-Hamilton deal goes through. But simming the game before, erasing the Bogans trade, it doesn't seem to happy. Looks like the two are linked. Yay I get to waste an hour+ replaying them.

I got mad at my coach Stele-style for the first time today. I had 22 rebounds at the end of the third quarter, getting the 2500 point milestone of 25 seemed like a forgone conclusion.

I was taken out for the beginning of the fourth, pretty standard. I was never put back in, highly irregular. Eff you, Skiles.

Got an update when I turned it on this morning (1-16), anyone know what it is?

Ronnie2k twitter just says patch this weekend. No notes link there, no patch notes post on the official forums either.

Only thing on the NBA 2k Insider is something about new uniforms in the patch.

Uniform Code – The following uniforms have been unlocked, but you can enter this code if you do not get roster updates or have a franchise season already in progress.

Secondary Road – ronoilnm (Hornets / Magic / Timberwolves)

Ugh, so I'm about 9 games in with my center playing for Boston, and Rondo has gone down to injury. Playing with Nate Robinson at the point is painful, such a selfish player. When you set a pick for him, he either drives to the lane and gets stuffed, even if I roll, or pops a fade away three. If you don't pick for him he will hold the ball until 1 second left and then pops a three anyway.

At least when I set a screen for Rondo he'll drive and either hit me on the roll or dish to Allen or Pierce if their man comes to help out.

I was one block from a points-rebounds-assists-blocks quadruple double on my 65 OVR power forward. I had some good opportunities for that last block, just didn't get to them in time.

Had my first break through performance in game 11 of the season which was Washington @ Boston. I had 21 points, 11 boards (7 offensive), 3 blocks, 2 assists and was named player of the game. It was pretty cool seeing all of my great plays highlighted at the end of the game.

I'm still splitting time between C and PF depending on what lineup we are running with Rondo out, still don't know what is wrong with him or when he will be back. I really dig when our lineup consists of Shaq, Myself, KG, Pierce and Allen. Shaq and I actually play well with each other and just sweep the boards. I played a little at SF this last game and got torched by Rashard Lewis, just didn't have the speed to stay with him to the three point line after getting picked coming across the lane.

Redhwk wrote:

I'm still splitting time between C and PF depending on what lineup we are running with Rondo out, still don't know what is wrong with him or when he will be back.

During a game go to stats, should be an injuries sub section. It'll tell you his injury and duration there.

Blind_Evil wrote:
Redhwk wrote:

I'm still splitting time between C and PF depending on what lineup we are running with Rondo out, still don't know what is wrong with him or when he will be back.

During a game go to stats, should be an injuries sub section. It'll tell you his injury and duration there.

Trying it now, but it is greyed out.

Or just looking at the stats page during a game, or the team roster between games, it should list the injury at the bottom of the bio tab at the top. Also, I think you click R3 to get to their player profile card from those screens, which will definitely list the injury.

But yeah between games there is a league injury report as well. > League News > Injury Report, I think. It's in the same menu with trade rumors and transactions.