Stylez's Ottawa S&T 10-23-10 (Street Fighter, Rockband 2, Board games.... better beer)

Yeah Ghostship that's a good call. We'll be mostly playing older stuff anyhow, so I wouldn't worry about preloading too much. Installers go fairly quick for what we'll be doing

I'm going to set the Wii up upstairs so if people want to play mario kart or something it's available there, and downstairs will be Street Fighter/modnation/Rockband/misc, as well as extra space for more laptops. Dining room will be cleared for board gaming.

Glad to hear you can make it Dysplastic. My wife was worried it was going to be too quiet. NO LONGER!

Stylez wrote:

Glad to hear you can make it Dysplastic. My wife was worried it was going to be too quiet. NO LONGER!

I am going to be there... (although I suppose I need someone to argue with...)

So there's a PS3 in play?

I was going through the back room tonight and thought. I may bring my big ole box o' games. I have every PC title I've ever bought (which really isn't that many by GWJ standards I'm sure). It'll be a Roughneck tub, and a cardboard box full. Just in case there's an opportunity to install some of those older titles.

On top of that I have a couple of things to offer:

1 - (a bit of a bow tie on a turd but...) I will donate a near mint collector's edition copy of Assassin's Creed with pewter figure in tin box for PS3 as a door prize.
2 - If anyone shows any interest, I'll raffle a like new PS3 Guitar Hero 3 with guitar. I never play it. If I think I can get 15-20 bucks out of the raffle, I'll do it, otherwise I kind of have to ebay it.

I also have a Logitech behind the head bluetooth wireless headset which I plan on ebaying. It's too small for my giant noggin, and radar station ears, but brand new in box if you're a medium sized human being.

Will there be enough people to support a raffle for older stuff?

I know it's really not a great contribution, but something inside me thinks it would be better to get it into the hands of people who are part of a community, than to ebay it to just anybody. Where I end up being a pooh head, is, I'd like to get some cash for these things.

me thinks from counting replies, there will be fewer than ten. So Assassin's Creed Door prize it is; Unless of course everyone knows what kind of game it is, and or has played ten minutes of it already.

Good idea Ghostship. I'm fairly certain we'll be around a dozen all said and done. One thing that might be fun to donate towards is some tracks for RB2. There's been a lot of really cool stuff released lately (Hendrix, REM, etc) so if people are willing to pitch in 2-5 bucks we can get some new and interesting rock band tunes.

I'll totally willing to pitch in for a Raffle of stuff. I've beat AC and GH3, but I like winning stuff, so I'm always in! I'll also pitch in for Rock Band tracks too.

I'd donate old games for a raffle but everything I have is already sold or on Steam

I should be showing up in the late afternoon sometime.

Finally - a last call to arms - if you're in the Ottawa area at all (Kingston, Montreal, even Toronto)....come on down! Laptop LAN, Console games, Board games, impromptu drunken LARPING in Stylez' backyard....good times.

We must be past start time.
I'll be leaving soon. Wife is taking kids to a birthday party.

Definitely won't be making it up. Too much going on today sadly. In honor of Goodjer day though, I'll be sure to yell out 'For Boogle' later.

Bus tickets are expensive.
Gas is more expensive.

I'll have to pay attention if this happens next year. I'm a few hours away but it doesn't look like anything happened near Toronto and getting to meet some GWJ folks would be fun!

Thanks to the hosts, Dan and his wife (whose name I've shamefully forgotten, sorry).
A fun evening. Good to see faces. I now just have to put both real names, and Aliases to the faces.

Thanks Ghostship, we had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun. I'm suprised I'm up considering 4:30 was when I finally got to bed. Dysplastic is still asleep as is Hanta. Plenty of Board games, Rock band, and I even convinced a few people to give Street Fighter a try, including Chumpy "One more game" McChump.

Hey guys, lots of fun times last night, it was great having you all out to the house. Hope we can do that more often! I hope everyone had a great time. I know Dan and I will be having much fun today as we have come into some money and/or credit. DanyBoy, you have forgotten your wallet at our place! Shopping spree here we come!


I should have done more socializing and less gaming. I just noticed that you're from my hometown. Actually I'm from Ennismore, but that's getting specific.

Absolutely thank you. It was most excellent. We should do it again without even needing the excuse of International Goodger Day! (Alright, I'll come clean; I just want to play Castle Raveloft again, and actually beat Stylez at SFIV. El Fuerte 4 Lyfe!)

Stylez wrote:

Plenty of Board games, Rock band, and I even convinced a few people to give Street Fighter a try, including Chumpy "One more game" McChump.

Next time, Gadget! Next time!!

Thanks for hosting guys. Sarah and I had an awesome time. I didn't manage to get in on any Castle Ravenloft but I'd love to do some dedicated board game stuff with the group more often. I also managed to beat Stylez at Street Fighter for the first time ever and that's a life achievement for me. We managed to snap a few photos and I'll put up a link to them once I get them onto Flickr.

Ghostship: Man, that really shows how often I post here. Peterborough was the city I was living in when I made this profile. I am originally from Ottawa, but spent a year in Peterborough for my conservation post grad.
I am ever so sorry to have mislead you. I will correct it post haste

Meh, it's a small town. A year is more than enough time to get acquainted with anything exciting there. You might as well be a local.

Parallax Abstraction wrote:

Here a few shots I took.

Which genius brought timbits?

One of Stylez' friends who doesn't post here. They were a good addition as they always tend to be.