Digital Overload: Your brain on gadgets.

A fascinating interview on "Fresh Air" with Matt Richtel (NYT tech reporter) about the effects of technology and gadgets on our brain.

And an interesting response and commentary from Andy Inhatko -

My takeaways: I spend too much time face-down in email, Twitter, web and Facebook. At work and at home. I'm using Leechblock across all my browsers (home+work) to allow me to check stuff only 3x daily. No iPhone when I'm at home with wife + daughter (unless I'm using it to take photos of the aforementioned). Streamline my systems such that I'm better able to focus on and finish one task at a time. Use a post-aggregator (like Posterous) to post once to all my sites at the same time.

And, as if they were reading my mind, Windows Phone 7 has a new commercial about this very topic:

I'll be checking out a WP7 device soon, and I may dump my iPhone in favor of that platform. Not because I think I'll use it less - that is something I'll have to deal with in either case. BUT - if I do dump my iPhone, I'll probably pick up a Netbook, which may better allow me to focus on single, smaller tasks (as Inhatko points out with his iPad successes...)