360 Warranty Advice

My 360 is flashing 4 red lights. Strangely, I just bought Halo: Reach an hour ago. I got it in 2006 so I suppose I'm surprised it made it as far as it did.

From the warranty here:
It looks like I'm out of luck for coverage and a repair is going to cost $100.

It looks like a new console will cost $200 so buying a new one seems to make the most sense. Just looking for some advise from you guys as I seem to remember a lot of people running into 360 problems.

I thought 4 red lights meant the box didn't detect proper connections for audio/video.

Yeah, the RROD is three lights. Check the AV cable is connected, and possibly borrow a cable from someone else (if somebody is using an HD cable they probably have the old SD one knocking about somewhere) before you buy a new console.

Just echoing the sentiments from the above posters: unplug and re-plug every cable connected to your 360.