DC & NoVA S&T October 23rd!


So, I like the idea of the Slap & Tickle Round the World thing that HedgeWizard posted a while ago, and I've been looking for a reason to get together with some of the NoVA Goodjers, so I figured I'd offer up my place as a meeting spot for a S&T for our Northern VA and DC contingent. I'm located over in Sterling, VA (I'll PM an address for attendees. Not going to post it on teh intarwebs,) and I know there are a fairly good number of Goodjers in the surrounding area.

I can offer booze and food (I'm assuming most attendees will be drinking age) and games. There's a barbecue on the patio if the weather is reasonable we can grill. There's a couch and an inflatable camp bed if anyone can't make it home for whatever reason. I'm not the greatest decorator, and the pad is mostly bachelor chic, but it's comfy and roomy and clean.

As far as games are concerned I have a Wii, and a PC, I can get a hold of a PS3 and a couple of games with it. I have a pretty decent 36" LCD and surround sound setup. I also have some board games we can play if anyone is interested in that.

So who's in?

You can count me tentatively in. Gotta double check with the boss lady and see if she is cool with it, but I don't see why not!


I may be able to make it, I'm in south PA. How long does it take to get to your place from Baltimore (Baltimore's an hour from me so I can gauge by that)?

Google Maps and Mapquest both say an hour and 15 from Baltimore. I'd say add an extra 20 or so min for traffic. My general rule of thumb for any of the mapping programs is add an extra 15-20 min for each hour it actually says. You're basically going to hit 195 S to 495, then at Tysons Corner catch 7 or the Dulles Toll Rd.

Ok, well count me in for the time being at least

The Robears are likely in. BTW, SH, you could also go down 70W and take 15S into the area, if you want to bypass 95/495. Less traffic.

I plan on plugging the address into my GPS and following its directions blindly.

if it doesn't know about traffic, plan on getting very familiar with the DC beltway.

Well, Saturday traffic shouldn't be too bad, at least by comparison to morning rush hour.

I've confirmed with my wife and we will definitely be there!

I apologize, but the wife and I will be down in Florida then.

That's the weekend before my wedding, but I do live relatively close by, so I'll see what we can do. I can maybe bring some board games, too.

I have some board games as well. Let me know if you want me to bring any of these:
Munchkins (6 or so expansions)
Pandemic and On the Brink expansion
Settlers of Catan w/ expansion
Cash n Guns and Yakuza expansion
Power Grid
Tigris & Euphrates
Descent w/ Altar of Despair/Well of Darkness expansions
Ticket to Ride w/ 1910 expansion
San Juan
Puerto Rico
Trans Europa

If there are some board games that we want to play and no one has it I will pick it up. Just let me Diplomacy

I will try and be there if at all possible, but the schedule does not look clear enough at this time for me to commit. I'm pretty sure I have to go to a cross country meet that day but don;t know where it is.

But if it is possible for me to be there, I will.

Would love to come.

Can bring 360 &/or PS3.

Personally I'd love some boardgames. The only ones I have are munchkin and Catan, so I vote taco brings some easy-to-play favorites.

I can also bring beer/wine/liquor for the shindig.

stupidhaiku wrote:

Personally I'd love some boardgames. The only ones I have are munchkin and Catan, so I vote taco brings some easy-to-play favorites.

Diplomacy it is.

KrazyTacoFO wrote:

I can also bring beer/wine/liquor for the shindig.

I'm pretty well stocked, (granted most of my bottles are half full or lower :D) but feel free to bring your own poison. I am not a huge wine drinker, but I have a bottle of red that I quite liked when I sampled it. Any requests for beer? My standard choices are Guinness, Warsteiner, Kirin Ichiban, Harp, Newcastle... Ooh, and I have a bottle of Cuvee Van Der Keizer Blauw that I've been saving for a special occasion. I think this qualifies.

As far as board games go, feel free to bring as many as you like as well! I have Dust and Apples to Apples here (not flying my geek flag very high with that one I know. It was a gift.) And I can get Axis and Allies and Tide of Iron from my friends house, as well as borrow Ticket to Ride but since you already have that one, no worries.

Apples to Apples may not be geeky but is one of the funnest party games!

KrazyTacoFO wrote:

Apples to Apples may not be geeky but is one of the funnest party games!

Truth! Flagging this thread. Would love to join, but it's a bit hard to schedule in at this point.

I might be able to bring Ticket to Ride, Small World and Rhymation (excellent party game that's like Password on crack) if Lynn and I are able to make it. That'll help split up the board game carrying. I may have Euro rails with me by then, too.

damn it man.. i wanna go........ i wish i can be two different person


Please take lots of pictures!

Subscribing. I just moved to the area in August and I'm about an hour from Sterling. I'd love to attend if my schedule works out.

I am subscribing as well, I'd love to attend, it depends on my schedule, but I can also bring my laptop and 360 as well.

As near as I can tell, that weekend is completely free for me, so I'm in. Here's what I can contribute, gaming-wise:
- PS3 controller (if we could play Scott Pilgrim co-op, that'd be awesome; I haven't been able to do that yet)
- PS3 Rock Band equipment (guitar, drums, mike)
- Star Munchkin

Let me know which of those things I should bring. I'm a fan of all things gaming, but since graduating from college, I've had a distinct lack of opportunities for board gaming (although last year, I did manage a game of Battlestar Galactica with local friends, which was immensely satisfying), so I'm really looking forward to playing Settlers, Munchkin, Apples to Apples, or whatever else with all of you fine folks.

Everybody do the thread bump.

Okay, so I want to follow up with this since there hasn't been a whole lot of a action recently and I don't want it to slide too far back.
So, list of attendees so far:
Krazy_Taco[FO] and wife
Robear and clan

Maybe possibly able to come:
Mixolyde and fiancee

Once we get a little closer in to the date I'll PM my address to attendees so you guys can get directions and everything.

Also, on a side note, is there any kind of food I should avoid or account for for the party? Any allergies or vegetarians?

My son is allergic to blueberries...

Would it be ok if I also bring a friend? This would be right up his alley.

No problem. All are welcome at Casa de Rob. That brings the tally so far up to 9 people. This should be a good party!

Dibs on being the awkward guy in the corner!