Goodjers of Landroval (LOTRO)


This is an effort to put Landroval character names to GWJ screen names. If you are a current player and poster, let us know who you are. If you prefer to stay anonymous, don't worry about it.

Type '\joinchannel GWJ' for the GWJ chat channel.

I plan on keeping this post updated so the pertinent information is at the top. Mains will be first, so specify or list them as such.


absurddoctor: Herled (LM)
Andon: Andoion (Ca), Jadomore
AP Erebus: Rochadan (Ca)
armedbushido: Quelsar (G), Helmer (Ca), Bootstrapbill (Ch)
Arovin: Arovin (LM), Shahes (Ca)
Badferret: Akunin (H), Teisei (B)
Bill_Lewis: Kurumo
blackanchor Barter (G)
BlackSheep: Craedan (RK)
Captain_Arrrg: Eradis (LM), Haldic (W)
Cheeto1016: Openminded (M), Cheet (W)
ChrisGwinn: Gwinnbo (W)
Darth Nader: Sumir (Ca), Sundiata (W)
DeThroned: Dethroned (B)
DevilStick: Fortuna (M)
Dr_Awkward: Einvarr (Ch)
ertic: Ertic (B), Mogrum (RK), Cazio (H)
Farscry: Elnuien (H)
FedoraMcQuaid: Deepswyn (H)
Holla: Weema (RK), Lilanne (M)
jonnypolite: Caiyt (W), Jonnypolite (H), Whilbo (M)
karmajay: Kirwind (Ch)
Kehama: Garilstaf (LM), Carad (H), Gervald (Ca)
Khoram: Khorem (Ch), Elluvial (H), Krysten (M), Goramon (Ca)
Kiri: Feldrel (M)
Kommissar: Komrad (M)
Landshrk83: Amylase (RK), Fillbo (B)
LobsterMobster: Cweonwaru (Horsebitch)
nihilo: Maedrin (H), Modric (B), Modwyn (Ch), Modriel (W)
NSMike: Narayadan (M)
peterb Tindros (H)
Psych: Thinsul (LM), Eaoric (Ca), Daeduruth (H), Thinrael (Ch), Daeduric (W)
Robear: Arhad (LM), Brindaur (Ch), Frorlin (RK), Feldal (H), Siluil (G?), Fredan (W)
Secret Asian Man: Curuduin (H)
Sephirotic: Sephira
Senkrad: Kaarl Hornfoot (W)
SillyRabbit: Juturna (M), Zarama (H)
Sithload: Sloadric (H)
Sonicator: Peledor (Ca)
Stengah: Stengah (M)
Swat: Nephador (H)
Toanstation: Fuinador (H)
Tekman: Galorod (RK), Thurinwe (M), Beorthere (Ca), Curuion (LM), Hworin (G) Froppi (B)
TheArtOfScience: Manaswa (W)
Mrs. TheArtOfScience: Peuma (RK)
trueheart78: Starborne (Ch)
Tzig: Tziguilas (RK)
Ulairi: Tradric
Yoreel: Tardoc (W)
zeroKFE: Zerowen (H), Zerobald (W)


This seems like a good Catch-All thread for Lotro, Landroval, as well.

As for me, I have a few little people running around. Thinsul is my Loremaster, who I am on most of the time. Eaoric is my Captain that I introduced to some folks last night in a fun GB run. Others will be announced as necessary.

Caiyt the Warden, Jonnypolite the Hunter and Whilbo the Minstrel.

Elnuien the hunter

Garilstaf - Lore Master
Carad - Hunter
Gervald - Captain

Peledor - Captain

I'm pretty much only online on Saturday and Sunday mornings my time (so I think Fri/Sat evening eastern?), and I'm likely to be hungover, so I'll probably be fairly quiet most of the time.

Amylase- rune-keeper

I've been playing fairly infrequently lately (leveling alts on WoW more than playing LOTRO).

One of the Fel twins Feldrel Minstrel


Ertic - Burglar
Mogrum - Rune Keeper
Cazio - Hunter

Arhad - LM, main

Brindaur - Champ
Daurby - I forget, he's a jeweller
Frorlin - RM
Feldal - Hunter
Siluil - Guardian?
Fredan - Warden

(main) Juturna - Minstrel
(alt) Zarama - Hunter

Fortuna - L36 minstrel

I log into the GWJ channel. I play sporadically, at random times.

Curuduin - lvl 55 Hunter

I have some alts that are lower lvl. I think my G is 25 but I can't remember their names.

Craedan - Runekeeper 10

Tardoc - Warden

Main: Kaarl Hornfoot, Warden


Khorem, Champion, Armorer
Elluvial, Hunter, Forester
Krysten, Minstrel, Tinker
Goramon, Captain, Historian

All low level (10-20). Khorem is ready for Barrow stuff (1.1.11, and another non-epic group quest there as welll).

Maedrin - hunter
Modric - burglar
Modwyn - Champion
Modriel - Warden

edit: update a few alts

Tzigulias - 23 Elf Rune-Keeper, Explorer

Quelsar 60 Guardian
Helmer Captain
Bootstrapbill Champion

Galorod, Rune-keeper, main, 46

Resource impoverished crafting alts:
Thurinwe, Minstrel, 25
Beorthere, Captain, 23
Curuion, Loremaster, 23
Hworin, Guardian, 23
Froppi, Burglar, 23

I'll try to remember to say hi more often in the channel.

I'm Gwinnbo, a ~16th level Warden.

Starborne, lvl 10 Champion

Daurby has given up the adventuring life and returned home to the farm. He's no longer one of my alts.

Daurby has given up the adventuring life and returned home to the farm. He's no longer one of my alts.

So that leaves what, 32 alts?

Just resubbed and am installed.

Herled, level 44 LM explorer (hasn't seen any new playing time lately)
Drosmur, level 19 Rune-Keeper - currently seeing all my play time

I just joined Middle Earth on Landroval.

Barter - Guardian

So that leaves what, 32 alts?

What can I say? It's an alternative lifestyle choice.