Vindictus Beta


Massively had a beta key give away today for Vindictus. Link

They ran out of keys quickly, but there is still hope.

Here is the interesting part:

It's a viral key giveaway!

All you have to do to get yourself a Vindictus beta key is visit our key giveaway site and click the button there! That's it! The site will give you a code, which you'll be able to redeem at Nexon's Vindictus beta website. Once you redeem your key and enter your email address, Nexon will send you two more beta keys for you to give to your friends. Because of that, please only take one key from our beta site, so we can spread the love!

So my question is, was anyone here able to get one? We could use one to generate more for anyone around the GWJ community that might want to try the beta (like me ). I am sure there are others who want to check it out too.

Here is a short gameplay trailer for anyone who does not know about the game yet:

I was able to grab one. You have a pm waiting for you!

I'd like to take a look at this, also. If someone could toss a key my way, I'd appreciate it.

I'd like to give it a shot, too.

I just registered with the key fangblackbone sent me. Thank you!

Once I get the email I will give my two friend keys to Lobster and LtWarhound.

Thank you kindly, Arovin. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Any other extra keys floating about? I admit I haven't heard about this game until now but I will do some research the next chance I get.

Its been two hours and no email. I checked my spam folder and nothing is there either.

fangblackbone how long did it take to get your friends keys?

Still never got an email but I managed to get another key from and sent it to LtWarhound

They sent me an email pretty immediately but I think I swiped a key early. This thing is viral so it may have exploded last night.

Don't worry about lobster, I'll take care of him with my last one. I would have done it sooner but it looked like you had beaten me to the punch. Last key gone =)


Gotta remember to download it tonight. It starts tomorrow IIRC?

If any more keys materialize I wouldn't mind one being sent my way.

I'm covered. Thank you kindly, Fang.

Massively is giving more keys away right now. I just got mine, and can now give two more away as well.

Sure thing!

i would like one if available.

Spynavy's key sent

I'll take an invite as well if they're giving them out like candy.

I just sent my last one to Misterglass as I think we skipped him earlier. Everyone who got a key should eventually get more to pass out.

Can I get one?

PMs with keys sent to Kaos and Cobble. If they already have one from another source, I will make sure the keys find a good home.

Thanks a bunch

Thanks Arovin.

I wouldnt mind one of those keys. Kinda new to this community. Hope this post reaches someone before the beta realease.

I received an email with more keys, I will send one to Abys

Arovin wrote:

I just sent my last one to Misterglass as I think we skipped him earlier. Everyone who got a key should eventually get more to pass out.

I got it, very thanks Arovin!

I left it installing at home. I can't play til after work =(

Djori is usually my first character's name. So look me up when you get online tonight.

This game is going to be more like DDO than a traditional mmo with a central hub where you form groups for the instanced missions. You get a grade for completing a mission and the higher the grade, the better the xp and loot rewards. So missions are designed to be played over and over.

Beta server is not up yet. I'm working second shift tonight so I won't get to play till tomorrow unless they bring it online in the next hour or so.

Thanks to kaostheory I'm in the beta, and have two keys for those in need.

Thanks for the key badferret.

I've got a key sitting around if anyone needs it. (You're welcome :D)

Finish install and... zero day patch! ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz