Any good companies that build and warranty custom machines?

Hey all-

I'm an IT guy for a medium size business with a couple hundred PCs. When it comes to our high end users, developers for example, we've resorted to ordering parts from NewEgg and building all the orders by hand. The default order looks similar to this:

Decent video card with dual dvi ports.
6 to 24 GBs of RAM
High end processor
ASUS Motherboard
Two 500 GB SATA HDs with RAID 1 to run the OS
Two 160 GB solid state drives with RAID 1 for data storage

Dell can't / won't spec out the 2 separate RAID arrays on the model we want (Precision 3500 or below), we could order a 3500 and set up the RAIDs manually, but we want to explore all our options.

Are there any companies out there that build custom machines spec-ed out by the customer and then help keep track of the warranty on the parts?

Bumped for luck. I found one company called Puget Systems that will do what we need for roughly double the price of building it myself (ugh). Still hoping against hope some goodjer knows a good one.

EDIT: Also, if you think this is a futile quest, or that these companies don't really exist in a reasonable price range, that's good info for me to have as well!

Sounds like a tough one. I know that local companies will put your system together here for about 5% of the price of the system if you buy all the parts from them, so a 100% premium sounds a little larcenous to me.

But for a fairly big company with hundreds of machines I suspect that rolling your own is going to be your only option.

I'm pretty sure all you're going to find are other companies like Puget Systems. Velocity Micro, Falcon Northwest, all of them have truly ridiculous pricing.

Create a stock "build" (sounds like you have), order and build yourself, and order and keep a pool of spares for each of the parts so you can rapidly swap parts in immediately and deal with the warranty of the broken ones afterwards.

Alrighty. Thanks for your thoughts guys, you have been a big help. I'll check the locals, but more than likely I'm gonna go with a Dell build supplemented by me adding RAM and additional HDs from NewEgg.

I've seen similar posts in the Computers & Gadgets subforum at [H]|F, you might find something helpful there. I know CyberPower used to have a bad rep but maybe that's improved.