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Get a good man management / motivation assistant manager for team talks / press conferences.

Yeah, I do that, but at lower levels, it's like letting the patients be in charge of the asyulm..

Management, motivation, and tactical knowledge are my main ones (with as high a determination and discipline as I can get). I like to ask the assistant what opposition instructions, and the edit my own on top. Usually, it's about the same, but it take less clicks

i wish you could set default opponent instructions so that for example MR and ML start with show onto weaker foot by default (i find it cuts down on crosses)

That'd save a little more time.

Prozac wrote:

i wish you could set default opponent instructions so that for example MR and ML start with show onto weaker foot by default (i find it cuts down on crosses)

That'd save a little more time.

There used to be a way to include OIs in tactics so you'd just have to load tactics at the beginning of the match. Look it up on google.

So the lower-league talk had me start a game with FC United and I'm actually handling team talks and press conferences for the first time since... FM08 or so. I'm actually doing quite well and only having the English leagues loaded means the game moves along quite nicely.

The last time I did any serious lower-league stuff was with Merthyr Tydfil. Brought them all the way up to the Premier, got relegated, got sacked. Hopefully this game ends up going better than that one did.

I'd say bringing them all the way up to the Premier was pretty successful! Getting sacked, after achieving all that, is a bit of a kick in the teeth, but you see it all too often in reality as well. Club overachieves, gains promotion, then manager sacked fairly quickly when they find themselves underpowered for the matches they then face.

LLM is the way to go these days. Once you get a good rhythm going, it's actually pretty easy to climb the leagues. I can't even imagine how easy it would be taking over one of the top clubs straight away? I also like the fact that, onec my teeny club gets to mix it with the big guns, all the 'known' players have been mixed up, retired, moved on etc. So it makes your Man Us, City's, etc feel a lot more unknown..

Loaded up my game the other day, having spent 3 seasons in the MLS with New England, winning the MLS once and the cup twice, I have a got a job with Motherwell. On next to no budget I lead them to 4th in the SPL and had a heartbreaking defeat in the cup semi final. Having been drawn against Celtic, I shouldn't have had a chance and when I went one down, I thought that was it but then Liam Millar scored in the 88th min to send the game into extra time, then with just moments to go in extra time, bang 2-1 Motherwell however Celtic went down the other end straight from the kick off to take the game to pens, which we lost 3-2. So close to glory

If I wasn't a Celtic fan, I'd feel for you

Liam Miller was a Celtic Youth player as well. One place I haven't ventured is America, either North or South. The MLS draft stuff confuses me (or at least, the thought of it does) and the South American League just has an insane amount of games (Well, Brazil and Agrentina) I think it is actually possible to play over 80 games in one season if you are successful in all competitions.

I started one game in Argentina a few years back (FM09, I think), then started to read the league rules.

'Apertura' ? 'Clausura' ? Relegation on average points over 3 seasons ??

One trip to the airport later, I was back in the comforting arms of 2.Bundesliga and my second team, 1860 Munchen

I'm currently playing FM Classic mode. It's not bad, but there are a few things that annoy me.

1. In-game purchases. What's that all about, it's not like the game is FTP. OK so they are pennies (69p, normally - apart from the 'boosting your bank balance'), but it's still annoying and looks cheap. I'm guessing that this means the database is not accessible via the editor, else I'd do what I used to do when I got pissed off and boost City's bank balance massively - thankfully some Arabs have already done it for me now. Oops, I mean our beloved Abu Dhabi overlords, blessing be on their camels.

2. Paucity of information. It might be just my aging memory, but I'm playing the game in classic 2d mode and there is little or no information on the line at the bottom. Even CM97-98 more info about ten goal scorers etc, and I was playing multiple leagues on that on a computer with about 15% of the processing power running whatever the version of Windows before ME was. As it stands, I enjoy playing it but it just seems a little too cut down. Why can I only select 3 countries, for example.

3. The 3d view is still poor. This might just be my aging eyes, but I find the 3d view extremely difficult to follow. The pace seems off, the animations look odd, and the ball is extremely small and difficult to follow (hence my playing it in 2d). It wouldn't be so bad if it was orange all the time, rather than just when the pitch is frozen.

In previous FM editions, there have been mods/additions for new commentary lines. Some of them are poorly written and just don't fit, but there have been a few that hold true to the feeling of the games commentary text. Not sure if 13 has one yet.

That's one of the main reasons I have skipped Classic mode. While I feel there is too much going on in a 'normal' game to really be able to have short gaming sessions, the classic just seems to stripped down, and... what's that.. purchasing boost packs? pfft.

There has always been an 'unofficial' editor as well, FMGenie comes to mind. This is also a 'live editor', rather than editing the database that a new game will be started with. Again, not sure if there is a 13 version (yet).

The thing about managing the big clubs in FM (or even medium clubs in countries where doing well leads to huge cash windfalls) is I feel you can experiment with the game a bit more. If I want to play a game where I'm using a new formation I'll go with a big club so I can buy players that will fit the formation.

I think big-club management is the way to go for new players too. When I started playing FM back with FM06 I started with a Newcastle game (knowing all of 3 players on the team) and managed to muddle my way through matches. I didn't come to really understand soccer's (and the game's) transfer system until I had a Chelsea game going and spent Abramo-bucks like mad. I recall playing a 4-5-1 with Podolski and Bojinov as my attacking wingers and Adriano (who I remembered from watching Brazil's U-23s play Canada's U-23s in a friendly match) as the strike force. Hilariously lethal.

There are degrees of LLM of course. Managing a team in England like I'm doing is fairly straightforward with the huge numbers of players and staff available. Once you manage to get up to even the Championship you will have plenty of money to spend and the Premier League is just something else. Managing say, a Greek lower-league team is probably a lot more difficult.

Absolutely agree with big teams for new players, and for experimenting with new game mechanics. My first game with any new version is with Celtic, a big fish in a small pond which makes things a lot more forgiving if I don't get something new, right first time.

I must admit, I've never really managed outside of Spain/Italy/England/Germany/Scotland, but tend not to start with a big team. I don't think I handle 'loadsa money' very well. In Fm10 I won the Italian Serie A and Champions League with Cagliari after three seasons (I took over with them mid-table Serie B) and all of a sudden my transfer budget was £60m. I don't know what to do with that kinda cash.

Whatever works, I suppose.

omnipherous wrote:

If I wasn't a Celtic fan, I'd feel for you

Liam Miller was a Celtic Youth player as well. One place I haven't ventured is America, either North or South. The MLS draft stuff confuses me (or at least, the thought of it does) and the South American League just has an insane amount of games (Well, Brazil and Agrentina) I think it is actually possible to play over 80 games in one season if you are successful in all competitions.

It's ok, I got my own back by taking a point off them in the league game then getting thrashed by Rangers in the last game of the season to hand Rangers the title (I'm playing 2012)

The MLS was fun for the 3 seasons I was in it, it takes some getting used to but once you get the basics of not really using cash in transfers but draft picks it is pretty straight forward.

Found a PES 2013 edit file that works on my 360. I may have squee'd out loud.

I traded FIFA 13 in today. I grew bored with the lack of player individuality and team diversity. I got £17.00 for it. I'm looking to get PES 2013 now. PC or PS3 is the only dilemma. I hope it's good. I enjoyed the demo.

The LLM game in FM2013 is way too easy.



Not exactly difficult when your wage budget exceeds ~38 out of 42 clubs in the entire country, and you start at the bottom...

Can't get my screenshot to appear for some reason, but my Rangers season ended

P36 W35 D1 L0 - For 99 Against 6 Pts 106

Clyde finished second, some 50 points behind.

By the end of the season I had teenagers starting at CB and LB and CF, only bought two players on frees (Jason Koumas and Mikael Forssel) and didn't renew their deals at the end of the season.

Weirdly I have Jason Koumas too - got him in just before the 17 year old transfer limit thing dropped in. I call Koumas "Rug", because with thirteen hundred completed passes, he really ties the place together.

Congrats, Mr Bismarck! That's an achievement I'm sure I'll never see.

I've been playing Classic mode as well and really enjoying it. I never really enjoyed team talks, media interactions, and some of the other fiddly bits that found there way into the game over the last few years. Classic mode lets me focus on what's most enjoyable for me—finding players to bring in, playing around with tactics, and general man management.

I started unemployed, took the job with AFC Wimbledon in League 2, and was able to win the league thanks to loaned in players. I'm still in the offseason following promotion and need to buck up the squad for a run in League 1. The board has given me a decent transfer budget, but the wages are killing me. The most I can afford to do is bring in two or three players at no more that 1,500 pounds per week.

Fortunately, I had pre-negotiated a transfer fee on one of my loaned players and was able to re-up another for a second season. Now I just need to comb through the players with expired contracts or lower wage demands for a gem or two. And I need to restock my youth system since they were all sh*t and I let them all go.

Anyway, I'm enjoying Football Manager more now than I have in years. I give SI a lot of credit for not only listening to a vocal minority of their fan base that wanted a more simplified mode, but also for being able to deliver a pretty polished version of it right out of the gate.

Mr Bismarck wrote:

That won't look out of place in Scotland's Division 2.

My D2 season ended p36 w26 d7 l3 pts85, with Kevin Kyle as top scorer with 25.

Div 1 is proving a slightly tougher proposition. Kyle is now very injury prone, McCulloch has retired and I'm having problems getting the Board to pay David Templeton, our best player by far, the 12.5k per week he wants, even though I am well within budget. My strike force consists of a 19 yr old Fulham loanee, Cauley Woodrow, and a Finnish striker I got on a free (Lauri Dalla Valle), but they seem to be ok - I'm second after 8 games.

The game seems very picky about managerial moves. I've had no offers even from SPL teams, and when I applied for the vacant Middlesbrough job I was bollocked by the Board and had to make an apology. Just wait til the first job in a decent league comes up

Winning the Scottish Third Division with Rangers is only slightly more difficult than punching a baby, but this happened...


I got Rangers over the finish line without losing, or, indeed, without dropping a point - 36-0-0 record, with 108 goals scored and 19 conceded.

Toward the finish, once the - "C" for Champion appeared next to our name - the performances got pretty shaky. The classic mode doesn't have pre and post game talks, so I didn't suffer with "looks complacent", but it also doesn't have any other way to buck up people's ideas, so performances definitely dipped and there wasn't much to do about it.

As a result I started to rotate in some of the younger players again and then had to deal with the AI trying to sabotage me, as top-scorer Lee McCulloch, midfield maestro Jason Koumas and only right back in the squad Angrious Alphabet Angrynoodle (I may have misspelled that), all suffered back injuries within ten days of each other and missed five weeks to end the season.

The kids tried hard, but there was a reason they weren't starting and our reworked frontline of Francisco Sandaza, (lightweight South American), Kevin Kyle, (heavyweight clogger) and Random Scottish Backup McKay/Little/Shiels, was a bit hit and a lot miss.

And so we went from crushing people to a lot of 2-0, 1-0 and 2-1 wins toward the end of the season, until the final game of the year when we faced genuine Amateur side Queens Park at their place, needing a win to complete the perfect season.

By this point I was playing a DC at RB, a DM at MC and a M/FC who was much more midfielder than forward at forward and we just couldn't get the ball off the Queens, (not a euphemism).

We went behind to a scrappy goal on 36 minutes and then with ten minutes to play were still down 1-0, when ninth-string forward Andy Little accidentally scored with a header. We'd hit the woodwork for the fifth time and the ball bounced in front of Little, six yards out with the keeper on the floor. He looked like he was trying to head it wide, but the ball went in off the post.

Then on 89 minutes we got a penalty.... I immediately laughed out loud, because the penalty has been the AI's way of sticking it to me all year - we'd been given five to that point of the season and missed all five. So I knew here, with all my recognised penalty takers off the field that I was being set up for a bait-and-switch, but Kevin Kyle showed me I should have been giving the spot kicks to him all year, as he belted one so hard it went through the net and knocked the fish pie out of a fan's hand.

At this point one of the nine Rangers' fans at the other end of the ground set off a flare in celebration. Or dropped his bottle of Irn Bru. Either way there was a bright orange explosion.

I didn't bother to research, so I thought the transfer embargo thing was done this off-season, so I let Koumas and Rocha go. Turns out I can't buy anyone old enough to stay up after it gets dark until Christmas. Fortunately, I get Carlos Bocanegra and some Romanian Centre Half back from their season loans shortly. On sixtreen grand a week, each.

That won't look out of place in Scotland's Division 2.

It's quite interesting to read an outward view of Rangers being in the 3rd Division, without any of the local 'stuff' that associates the whole sorry tale. The acts the preceeded Rangers becoming the Third Division giants that they are, have embarrassed Scottish football, and threatens the financial viability of football in this country as a whole.

However, I especially liked the descriptions of "Andy Little accidentally" scoring, and am thoroughly amazed that Kevin Kyle has stayed fit enough to score more than 3 goals, let alone be top goal scorer. Regardless of the team chosen, or the league, and all-winning (not just unbeaten!) season is a fantastic achievement - the game tends to try to throw as many horse-shoes at you as it can to stop that from happening. In all the years I've been playing FM (or CM before that, so, 1991?) I've never managed an all-winning season. nbeaten, sure, but it usually involves a good few draws along the way. Congrats!

In Other News, I've managed back-to-back promotions with Stalybridge (Unemployed, Sunday League experience, accept first job offer) from the Blue Square North -> Blue Square Premier -> League 2. both promotions coming from late surges into the playoff positions in the last third of the season. Then with high morale from the recent success, steamrollered the playoffs. In contrast, adding a couple of new players and we're sitting 2nd in League 2 at the start of December. I'm finally getting a rhythme going again after a couple of months hiatus from this game.

It's also about this stage in a 'rags to riches' career that I begin to concentrate more on the training, coaching and tactics side of the game. The first couple of seasons, in the properly lower leagues, you don't have to get too deep into that side of it, merely 'stay out the pub the night before the big match' is enough to ensure the team perform almost at their best. There's nothing worse than letting some of the rubbish original coaches go, and then whe trying to replace them with much more suitable candidates, the board decide that we don't need any more coaches, leaving me with LESS than I had originally... gee, thanks.

Just don't go out drinking in Stalyvegas...just sayin'

Until minutes ago, I didn't even know where it was

I used to work 5 minutes walk away from the town centre, couldn't really recommend it as a drinking location unless you are (a) under 20 and (b) enjoy hearing some spotty herbert on his first line of whizz ask "what the f**k are you looking it" every 5 minutes. The answer "someone who's just snorted a mix of baking soda and brick dust because he'd get pissed on a wine gum" is optional.

Noted.. I'll score it off my list of "FM places to visit". On a related note, where the hell is Thurrock? They were my rags to riches in FM11, BSS to EPL in 7 seasons, 0 transfer fees paid.

In Essex apparently - so probably very similar, only with more firearms. And more horrible accents.

The pub at the trainstation is meant to be good though (at Stalybridge ) part of the train pub crawl of Stalybridge, Huddsfield and Dewsbury

My rags to Premiership riches story was with St. Albans.

I went there and the first thing I saw was a street sign saying "Eat at The C*ck."

[size=9](Apparently St. Albans' pub names require censoring.)[/size]