Media Organizing Software Help

I am getting a new hard drive that I want to store all of my music, videos, documents, and pictures on it. Right now my stuff is spread out over multiple directories and a bit of a mess. So, I am looking for an application that will:

1. Scan and find all media files (pictures, videos, and music) on my computer.
2. Find and delete duplicate files, even when the filename is different.
3. Automatically create new directories and move all media from the old drive to the new one.
4. Rename all videos (not movies) and pictures based on date taken.
5. A tool that renames music files or directories based on scheme like artist_album_track.

I basically need a way to find and reorganize all my media files without having to do all the heavy lifting of tracking down files, making new directories, transferring, renaming, etc. I am familiar with Media Monkey, which I know works very well at organizing mp3's, but I am hoping there is a piece of software that does a similar thing with all media file types. If it will require two or three pieces of software, so be it, I just do not want to sit down and do this stuff manually.