Codemasters F1 2010 Catch-All

NA - 22 September 2010
EU - 24 September 2010


• All the cars, all the stars: All the drivers contesting the championship are here, including former World Champions Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, and Jenson Button.

• Every circuit, beautifully realized: Race wheel to wheel on all 19 of the 2010 tracks, each modeled with exceptional attention to detail and jaw-dropping visuals. Visit the iconic circuits such as Silverstone, Spa, Monza, and Monaco, and experience the dramatic night races of Abu Dhabi and Singapore, and of course, the debut of the South Korea International Circuit, a first for any game.

• Be the driver, live the life: From the paddock to the garage, everything is viewed from the driver's perspective. Feel the building excitement and emotion of a race weekend. Interact with real personalities, rival drivers, teammates and team members, fans, and of course, the press. Use the media to spur the team on or to criticize the lack of car development. Pressure rivals in the hope they fold during the Championship.

• The world's greatest cars, the most exciting racing: Fully customize a huge range of vehicle variables to suit your style of driving and eke every last ounce of performance from your car, or leave the leg work to your race engineer and head straight out onto the track. F1 2010 supports a comprehensive range of racing wheels for the ultimate racing experience.

• Fully dynamic weather: Codemasters' Active Track technology means the grip in the wet or dry for each circuit's track surface is modeled down to just 30cm! Individual tire performance is accurately modeled depending on the amount of grip, rain, or standing surface water at any given point. Adjust your driving style by searching out grip or take the line that allows water to cool tires.


• Unprecedented authenticity: Extensive consultancy has been performed with a range of F1 professionals, including race engineers, mechanics and drivers, and combined with real world data including CAD and on-board telemetry to deliver an authentic race experience.

• Build a career: Whether players wish to work their way up from the bottom, switching teams as they go, or build a dynasty with their chosen team, you can realize your aspirations in the extensive and challenging career mode. Compete with your teammate to become the priority driver and shape the future development of the car by performing well in races and funding performance upgrades. Develop rivalries with drivers from other teams but keep it clean, or the media will be waiting!

• The drama of the pit: The full pit lane, featuring each of the thirteen teams, becomes home to tense and exciting moments of drama and gameplay as the drivers and crew work to return their car to the race as fast as possible.

• Full online multiplayer: F1 2010 includes extensive online multiplayer options. Take on your friends and the rest of the world in a range of race modes.

• EGO powered F1: Developed on the EGO Game Technology platform, evolved from the award winning EGO engine, Codemasters' game designers have realized their creative visions featuring cutting edge graphics, powerful A.I., advanced physics systems, and integrated network play.

OPM UK - 9/10

"What it all adds up to is a sense of danger (and exhilaration) that's greater than we've seen in the genre before."

"It's one of the most terrifying and intense racers ever made."

GameMaster - 9/10

"Attending press conferences and interviews, exploring the paddock area and in-team competition between drivers makes [F1 2010] one of the first F1 games to make players feel like a driver rather than a car."


Codemasters is back again with what is shaping up to be an exceptional F1 racer. I usually play racers in 3rd person/close camera mode, but the 1st person helmet cam in this game simply demands attention (see second video). I think it helps a lot that there's no roof obscuring view and the low-set seat makes you feel like you're racing at supersonic speeds.

Codies is on a roll with racers this gen and I can not wait to get my hands on F1!

I can't wait for this one. There really hasn't been a *great* F1 sim since Grand Prix 2, imo.

I haven't owned an F1 game since F1 2001, which I loved.

This is looking pretty tempting, although to be honest I will probably drive the cars in as close to arcade mode as possible.

I want to like this game but I'm a bit hesitant about buying it because I really didn't like DiRT and I believe they share the same innards. Hope they release a demo

Pre-ordered on Steam. Have to pull the wheel outta the closet this weekend and make sure all is still in working order. I hope it kicks as much ass as the videos seem to convey.

I want this. I really really want this.

To be honest, that would be true if I had a racing wheel with which to play the game. Something like this, a controller just doesn't do it justice.

*sigh* Time to start looking for a good race wheel...

Doesn't take these racing games long to fall far from the front page. Guess it's just going to be the 6 of us on track.

Wipeout - If you can afford it, I highly recommend:

It was the last big purchase I made before I got married 4 years ago and it still works like the day I opened the box.

Really excited for this Tuesday. Hope to see more GWJ on board for this one.

Nyxs Optare wrote:

Doesn't take these racing games long to fall far from the front page. Guess it's just going to be the 6 of us on track.

Wipeout - If you can afford it, I highly recommend:

It was the last big purchase I made before I got married 4 years ago and it still works like the day I opened the box.

Really excited for this Tuesday. Hope to see more GWJ on board for this one.

WOA-HOHO! Awesome stuff, but definitely out of my price range. I was hoping for something more in the $100 range (I have student loans to pay off, after all). Maybe I can get something after Christmas, when more of my money becomes my own again.

what platform are you guys thinking for this ?

I would likely go PC

360 for me. Still haven't pre-ordered as I was hoping it would be discounted somewhere (like Halo Reach), but it's not looking like that's gonna pan out.

Reviews are pourning in ranging from the mid 80's to the mid 90's, so it looks like we've got a winner on our hands.

I will eventually snag this for the pc, but it's going to be a while before I can budget it in. Very tight budget for the foreseeable future.

PC for me on this one for sure. I require higher fidelity than the 360 can provide. If Dirt2 is any indication (Both use the EGO engine, right?), it looked great on the 360, but it looks soo much better on the PC at 1920x1200.

Besides... I paid lots of $$ for my PC, it needs to earn it's keep or I will be forced to relegate it to pr0n. Well... more than it is now.... you know...

Have it pre ordered for the 360 can't wait to play it. I will have to use my microsoft wheel, wish I could play it with my DFGT! Or wish I had a ps3....... Maybe I should get one. There is no way my PC will be able to run the game.

Any of you guys use iRacing? It runs quite well on my modest pc.

I used to play quite a bit of iRacing. It's a nice service if you're really into racing. I couldn't bring myself to continually pay an MMO pricing structure for something that, for me, was primarily a solitary endeavor.

What!? The game releases today and all anyone can talk about is some game of human evolution. C'mon, you mean to tell me I'm the only one excited about pounding 600 horsepower worth of carbon fiber and metal through Eau Rouge?

If anyone's interested, there will be several of us playing tonight and I would be happy to invite you to the race. You may need to friend me up via Live (I think that's the multiplayer interface of choice for the PC version).

Hope to see y'all in my mirrors!
Screw Sid Meier!

Hehe, I'm interested in the game but I still have so many games I bought but didn't play. I'm only like 5 missions into SC2! I will be picking this up at some point though.

I've got my copy coming from Amazon, but I don't think I'll see it until Friday at the earliest and more likely Mon. or Tues.

Gonna dive into DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (XBLA) to help ease the wait.

Yeah, I'd like to try this game out but when I'm still playing Starcraft 2, have Halo Reach on the 360, and just bought Civ V?

F1 just has to wait until it's on sale and I actually have time to play it.

Remember when we got to try the F1 sim at GDC WipEout? That was so freaking difficult but absolutely awesome. I'd love to get a racing wheel as well but I already know I'll just get it on PS3 and use a controller.