PAX WEST GWJ 2010 - Pictures and Videos!

Hey Everyone!

I know I'm a noob on the boards but I have been a secret secret member for a while but now I have come out of hiding! It was great meeting a great many of you and I'm looking forward to making more great relationships!

This is the thread for any pictures and videos you would like to share of meeting up and hanging out with fellow GWJers at PAX WEST 2010.

If you have Flickr, you can add them to this group:

If you don't, you can post them here and we can add them in manually.

Either way, please share!



Just added one photo to the flickr group.

Added my set of photos to the Flickr group.

I have some more coming, and some lovely videos from the awesome night at Jonmans! woot!

I added my crappy photos. Someone please teach me how to use a camera : )

Awesome pics, thanks for posting them!

Also, I shared some of them on facebook as well, if you're on facebook and are in these pictures friend me up so I can tag you! And if you already are my friends...can I tag you? What is the etiquette for that kind of thing? OH god, how did this get here i am not good with computer.

Podunk wrote:

Awesome pics, thanks for posting them! :D

I expect to see more horn-throwing next time, Podunk.

Only one pic with horns? You're really slipping.

Well well is some awesome video of a song called Rio...

Finally I was able to get all my pics up in the group as well!

Thanks for the great time!

Awesome pictures! Looks like a great time was had.

I can't believe I missed a live podcast session, when did that happen?

Edgar_Newt wrote:

Oh my....


Hehehe. I was about 6 feet behind the two of them the entire time. Good times

You can actually see me in the video after the action is over and the camera guy forgot to turn it off. I'm the one in the red shirt.

I really gotta get me a camera.

Yeah, the camera guy would be me, "action zoom" and all. Thanks goes to SirChaos for the use of his camera.

Ok, that's it. Next time I don't turn down Edwin and Clover's idea to come with them to the Jonman party. After listening to the podcast and seeing all the photos I would have taken the seattle traffic home to have all this fun that i'm hearing!

bnpederson wrote:
Edgar_Newt wrote:

Oh my....



I still have pictures to go through, will post them here when I can.