Trying to get Subsonic to work on computer, but can't connect to localhost

So thought I'd give Subsonic media server a whirl after seeing on a friend's Droid, figuring its the best solution to taking all my music with me.
But the problem I'm having seems to be a pretty fundamental one: I cannot get a web browser to connect to the localhost to open the interface. This seems to be a problem with my computer, or my network. Anyone familiar with this program, or with a service that creates a local server?
I've tried connecting to, and to http://localhost, but I'm told by both Internet Explorer and Firefox that they cannot connect.
I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP3. Since this doesn't even get to the internet, I'm not sure this matters, but I've uninstalled all firewall programs for the time being. I have Avast personal antivirus running, but that's really the only protection I'm got between me an the net. I've recofigured the router to forward port 80 to the workstation, but again, the problem seems to be BEFORE i get to the network.

Any suggestions would be most welcome, and greatly appreciated.

The default port is 4040. Try connecting to

(edit: on the Linux server at least, couldn't say for sure about the Windows one)

my understanding is the default port for windows is 80, and doesn't seem to work. (I've got Subsonic configured to be port 80- is it possible this port could be unavailable for some Windows reason?)

This might seem silly, but have you verified that the Subsonic server is actually running?

Windows says the service is running, even though the little icon on the tray has a red X attached to it. Stopping and starting the service doesn't change that.

Jakobedlam wrote:

Windows says the service is running, even though the little icon on the tray has a red X attached to it. Stopping and starting the service doesn't change that.

The X indicates that the server isn't running so there's nothing to connect to when you try in the browser. Right click on the icon and go to the Subsonic Control Panel and check the status and any error message that shows up there. I tested an install on a XP SP3 I had and it worked right away when started from that control panel.

Nossid, thanks for staying with me on this. I'm not at that computer now, but I know when I've right clicked on the icon, the subsonic control panel tells me its Running, and status is Auto Start. There's no error message to be seen. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place?

Have you been able to check what that control panel looks like? There's a couple of fields that update when the server is actually running (mem use, address) , and the error field that may or may not say something.

Started On, Memory Used, Error Message, and Server address are all blank fields, and don't look like they could accept data (same color as the rest of the "tab."). So apparently the service isn't, in fact, running?

I swear I replied to this earlier. Did I forget to click Post? Man I'm useless without coffee.

My server was doing the same thing this morning after I rebooted it. Clicking Stop then Start sorted it out though.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

many times. Both in the control panel, and using the Windows Services interface. Makes no difference. I went ahead and installed the standalone server, and was able to get that to start.

Now I can access it on that machine, but not remotely. Now its a router problem, I suppose.


chances are that you have another process using that port, try configuring subsonic to use a very random port like 23565 to see if that works.

also give it a minute to initialize, if you have a lot of new music in your server folder it might take a minute to come online, that has happened in the past to me.

Dashdanw, thank you very much for pitching in on this. You're very kind.

You do realize the last post was 2+ years ago? Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, just not sure you noticed that...