Company of Heroes Online catch-all

Anybody else tried this? Open beta is live. So just create an account and try it for free. Apparently you get some free store points and stuff if you create before sept 8.

I just got CoH on steam, but the Online game patcher is checking files from my Steam directory and then patching from there. Interesting. Guess that's saving me another 9gb download.

Still waiting on download so I can't post any impressions yet. Heck I've barely played the old games, just the tutorial, so I won't even be able to say how different it is. But thought I'd get the topic rolling, see if anyone else has any impressions. And make sure people know it's free for at least a week, might as well sign up and give it a try.

EDIT: Oh yeah. to sign up.

Bah. I searched for it and couldn't find it.