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I hate Kat in ARAM so much.

I see your triple and raise you a penta >_>

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As far as i know the mac client wasnt that bad, or well at least the friends i have that use it haven't complained

It took my Mac with it on the last crash. Thankfully, I'm paranoid about backups, so the 500 bajilliontytrilzing pictures my wife has taken of my son weren't lost, but I am having to rebuild the mac.

I'll give it another try tonight, but I am not hopeful.

:S well.... daaaaaaamn didnt knew it was that bad, a friend of mine played the beta client for mac and a bit and some time after the final release before changing his mac for a pc, he didn't say it was bad.... or good either, sorry for your almost-lost of precious memories

I mainly use PC client but have used mac client on my laptop a few times. I have never had any major issues.

So... when did doombots become a thing? I'm pretty out of the loop on LoL but I happened to sneak a peek at Hai's stream, and... wow. That's nuts.

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So... when did doombots become a thing? I'm pretty out of the loop on LoL but I happened to sneak a peek at Hai's stream, and... wow. That's nuts.

Riot has been doing temporary, silly game modes for a little while now. This is just the latest one that came out earlier in the night.

The below posts contains spoilers of Doom Bots V abilities. I have marked them as such because I think it is best to go into the bots game without know what they can do. It is more enjoyable to find this out by yourself.


Find out that anyone on their team could spawn invisible and appear beside you killing you.

Played a few games vs doom bots last night. It is funny how a combination of some doom bots and passives can just be stupid difficult.


Like a Galio with Swain ultimate on Doom Bots V becomes an unstoppable force.

My last game last night started out with the bots being 10 vs 0 and only got worse. They ended up 77 kills to our 34, with Ezreal bot 26/8/9.


Also, Morgana with Evelyn passive or Veigar with Evelyn passive is really annoying. Just walking in a lane and all of a sudden stun/root and dead. DBV Veigar builds and uses Deathfire Grasp and will combo with ult to one shot ad carries!

Oh, but the worse, the absolute worse is:


Malzahar and Amumu lane. Malz can get 5-6 of his minions going in an instant, and amumu can give each his tears. It is an unstoppable force of pushing and death.

Based on what I saw last night, it seems like the biggest challenge might be


skillshots that get turned into AOE abilities by multiplying the number of times they activate. Lux's ulti radiates out in like 20 directions!

It's also pretty hilarious when


non-Anivia champs get egged. Talk about frustrating.

I'm imagining


Ziggs with a MIRV-like ultimate a la Scorched Earth.

Will have to try it a little more. I am very sad though. The DFG + Trist nerfs really hurt support trist.

Yeah the 30 less damage on E is pretty big. Hurts Trist support a lot but I don't think it will really affect ADC Trist at all like they wanted. Her lane phase will still be quite good and her late game will still be incredible.

Yeah I think they made mostly wrong changes. I think the change on her slow was good. It was allot better than most people thought early on. I know several times saved my ADC with it.

The E dmg they should of lowered the base and hurts her laning as support. The big nerf was still the DFG. Once you had some CD was already waiting for DFG for her burst now it's 50% longer. Played it one game yesterday and at least 4 times I could not jump on someone I'd normally kill and get out because DFG was on CD.

Not sure if it was dead, but certainly hurt. I might even have to try going straight Deathcap over DFG and try killing with just pure power.

Also the test scenarios weren't that great. A nonsense team comp is no place to test a build like that. Let's go bot a few times--maybe I'll even play a ranged ADC!--before you shelve it.

I generally main Sona and her changes make me sad

I guess I should really learn Morgana or Nami.

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I generally main Sona and her changes make me sad

I guess I should really learn Morgana or Nami.

Seems like she has a lot more interesting and rewarding gameplay now.

But that movie I was watching on my 2nd monitor while I rolled my face across QWE was really interesting!

This is actually pretty funny, http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...

The lag... oh god...
Thresh legend

Teamfight masters

Those were the best fights. That poor zed...

I know I'm super late to the party on this, but I'm finally trying to give this game a shot. After some prodding from others at work, I've set up and started playing. I'm still really only doing 5 v bots at the moment, but I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. However, the friends list... It's so empty. Do we have a name list set up or am I just going to have to thread crawl?

*edit: I'm playing on a macbook pro. So far there haven't been any issues at all aside from the post game screen occasionally not showing.

*edit 2: You can probably guess my name by looking at all the other names in the sig.

There's a GWJ chat channel. You can join it when you login and check the option for auto-join at login. And then as you play over a few days you will see people in that channel who you can send friend requests to. It's that easy.

Yeah GWJ channel is best way. There is 2-3 separate groups that play together usually but all are very helpful and willing to play with anyone. Most of the players log into that channel so you can just friend off it.

Do note if your still doing bot's etc. if you start playing with most of the groups few things are going to happen.
LoL even on normal game's uses a backgroudn ELO system to rank you vs your opponents. You are going to be playing with many of us that have higher background ELO.

1. We are helpful and will be able to teach you allot of things that would take you a very long time to learn on yoru own
2. You will improve much faster that you would on your own
3. You will do bad at first. Because i'ts 5v5 you will be put up against people of similiar skill to the average of the group which will be above your current ability. Do not get me wrong. We do not care if you go 0-10 and are behind. If we lose games etc. However some people this takes away from the enjoyment when your constantly getting your ass kicked.

Perfect example was Dyni brother. At fist he would play with us only about 25% of the time because he'd just come in and get stopped learn some stuff then would play on his own at his ELO and do much better. Then after a few weeks he was more 50/50. Now, if a group is on he is always with us and is still learning but capable of holding his own. So really take things at your own pace and the way you want to do it. We don't actually chat much in GWJ channel but you can Pm anyone if you have questions about game/items/strat's etc. Just don't take doing bad as meaning your not learning etc. League has allot more little things then you will see at first glance. It is also is very punishing early on and mistakes snowball.

Yeah I didn't like playing with the group in 5v5 much because of that. I felt like I was dragging the team down. But as stated, after a few games with goodjers, and listening to advice they give, going back and playing on your own you will do much better.

Same thing happened with TF2 when I started playing on the GWJ server. Got my ass handed to me. Then after a few weeks you get to a point where you can hold your own, and then maybe you are top scorer one round here and there... and then if you go play on some random server you will own.

The most important thing is that you have the right attitude. If you play with us, you are going to be the weak link for a long time. All you have to remember is that we do not expect you to be able to hold your own. It is ok to fail. We expect it. The only thing that matters is that you are learning, and that will be greatly accelerated if you play with us and get your ass kicked for a while.

One other thing I'd suggest is to either turn off All Chat in the options or immediately mute anyone that starts bashing you. Some people that play this game aren't really interested in civil discourse, so you'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you just learn to shut them up before they ever have a chance to get under your skin.

Yeah never think you are to blame also. Just as we bring your ELO up and you will do bad. You technically bring our overall down. So in that sense we should be able to do better to make up for it. So if we do bad personally I blame us.

When does the gwj channel tend to be active? I'm picking up league again after being out the last 16 months, so much has changed I haven't gotten to trying a normal game yet, just bots and ARAM. Trinkets, 40sec smite, some new jungle mob, all so new. Do you guys use some voice chat service? Anyways, I'd love to catch a game with this group if it works out, I'm "Mbkweni" on LoL.