League Of Legends Catch All

yep. i've played one game of SR in the last 6 months or so, all ARAM otherwise, and I'm probably enjoying the game more than I ever have.

I just had an INCROIBLE experience.... I dodged 2 games on purpose in a row. The first dodge was because of a toxic player I'd had in my previous game... and when I told him so, he immediately started verbally attacking me... just as he was for the entire game beforehand to his support... was easy to take the 4 minute timeout.

Then, for the very first time in Blind Pick, I had 3 people arguing over mid... all 3 of them were "yelling" at each other... swearing... the whole bit. I was absolutley flabbergasted. I dodged (for the 2nd game in a row) this being the 3rd time in my LoL playing time I've ever dodged... it was well worth the 15 minute timeout...

I can truly understand why people complain about this sh*t all the time.

I've been playing a bunch of ARAM but it makes me realize that the game really is tuned for SR, so i'm finding that i'm having more fun playing in regular SR games now. Had a crazy one last night where i went top as Garen, got pooped on by Teemo for a lvl or so, then traded to mid lane with my Kennan so he could poke and harass Teemo while I jumped on Gangplanks head mid and started roaming bot to assist gank our Fiddle, Varus, and thresh for a double kill for Varus and one for me. Then it was off to the races as i 2v1 GP and Sona Kennan and Fiddle pooped on Teemo, And Yasuo... well he learned to run from Thresh hooks reeeeeal quick.

This makes me want to learn how to play rumble immediately!

I am going to have to break off the rust on my rumble. Dyni better bring back jungle zyra to keep people in the rumble ult.

It's just as likely that Dyni beats you to the rumble pick. It's ok, though. Veigar's playpen keeps people in a rumble ult pretty well too.

Meh, unless free is on Dyni can get back in the jungle where he belongs.


Not to mention, if I'm playing veigar Dyni would not have anyone left to kill.

You read my mind, Fedora! Jungle Rumble it is!

You probably already knew this, but League is REALLY BIG

I've been having some great games with y'all (and acolytes) recently. Stolen penta-kill aside, LoL is super fun still. I agree with 100% of the nerfs they brought around for this build.

Suck it Riven.

I have never been carried as hard as that Leona just carried me. Fortunately Tristana is small and easily portable, so Leona didn't strain one of her wrists.

Now, when she face checked an entire team solo she might have sprained something. But that's just because she was feeling belligerent.

@ ulath7 -- One trick I find when you get toxic players is the make certain you put them on ignore before closing out the post-match screen. I am fairly confident that players that you put on ignore will not be selected to queue up with you again. Sadly, you can report a player (without putting them on ignore) and they will sometime pop over and be in your next match, which seems crazy; but it has happened to me.

I've been queued with someone I've muted before.

Yeah, muting and/or reporting has nothing to do with queing with them. That's all ELO matchmaking and random chance. Although with multiple millions of players, the odds of meeting those people more than once randomly are slim to none unless you're doing 5 man ranked games at 3 am.

Rats. I'm mistaken then. I thought I had read that muting players meant you would never queue with them.

Beardbane wrote:

Rats. I'm mistaken then. I thought I had read that muting players meant you would never queue with them.

Often asked for feature. But it would kill queue times.

Although it would be funny to pool all the people that get muted and make them play with each other

This is the funniest

I played two arams yesterday, and got Varrus twice. I never played him though, because I traded him for Blitzcrank form some pub...twice!

Nice. I've gotten Morgana 3 times in the last week (Around 8 games) in ARAM. She is rather good. In normal is she played mid or as a support? I've given up WoW again, so back to LoL it is! Such acronym.

i actually got brand 3 times in a row in aram last week (once assigned, the other two in trades).

Just a little something we're cooking up here at the office. Open beta is very soon.


Quick, Crinkle, get a lawyer!

My competitive advantage...gone!

carrotpanic wrote:

Quick, Crinkle, get a lawyer!

Mr Crinkle wrote:

My competitive advantage...gone!


carrotpanic wrote:

Quick, Crinkle, get a lawyer!

Mr Crinkle wrote:

My competitive advantage...gone!


edit: oops double

Double Kill.

I'm guessing it's a half-assed implementation that will not support the option of keystroke event resets + automatic scouring of packets to see if you get a death message.

Enjoy your chump timer!

Don't worry, I'll make sure they get around to implementing manual timer resets.