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That's a pretty good rotation. Many solid heroes but none of them are too annoying, except for Evelynn. Janna is the only one on there that isn't very good. Also I haven't really seen Karthus or Kayle played terribly well.

I went up against an Evelynn in the middle in the last game. It was a whole lot of fun since she seemed to be in denial that I could see her and kept trying to sneak up on me with half health. 400g is sh*tloads of gold early in the game, but the pay-off can be so, so sweet.

early game use vision wards instead.

Of course they put Singed on the rotation after I buy him and find out I don't like him much...

I think we've found the Goodjer dream team. Edxactly and I take bottom as Teemo and Ashe, Nossid takes mid with Triss, and Doofus and (ah hell I can't remember who it was, sorry... damn this late night coffee tweaked mind of mine) take top with Ryze and Corky.

Also, I pulled off the best Crystal arrow shot ever. I was standing in the spawn point of our base looking at the rest of the guys doing their thing in the other base and I decided to shoot an arrow into their base on the left side just right of the inhibitor. Well the Fiddlesticks there died before my arrow got there but just before it reached it's destination their Ryze walked right in the path getting ready to stun somebody. He was then stunned and finished off by the others. Needless to say, vent was filled with many "oooooh!"s.

Wow! I had no idea you could shoot across a map like that. Hmm.

It keeps going until you hit something.
I am now at a 5 win streak with Ashe. I've pretty much perfected her now and her loadout.

I stumbled upon this tutorial video. What it covers is pretty basic, but most of it would probably be news to many people I run into (or over ;)).

cute voice...

Gaald and i in one of our games was able to keep a guy at a 2 lvl disadvantage because of keeping him away from the creep.

One thing I've noticed about some of the GWJ crew is a tendency to push early and feed early. These two things go hand in hand. Unless you are a ranged hero partnered with another ranged hero, or really know what you're doing, it's rarely advantageous to push early, because you won't get the tower and you hand all the gank advantages to your opponents. They are near their tower and hence can make risky plays knowing that safety is nearby, you are far from your tower and hence have a much longer run to safety, and by pushing forward you leave your flank open to attacks from the river or jungle from enemies who leave their lanes to come kill you.

Ranged heroes have a tremendous early advantage over melee heroes at last hitting and lane control. Don't squander that by pushing. Your range allows you to last hit with safety, and harrass with relative safety. If you successfully harrass your opponents to low enough health that they are no longer a risk, you can walk past their creeps and deny them experience from your creeps, as mentioned above. When doing this, it's important that you don't ever stand still, because your character will begin auto-attacking the creeps, and you'll soon be pushing again and lose your edge. Pace back and forth constantly, fire off a shot only to harrass or last hit a creep, and then resume pacing.

There comes a point in the game where team fights matter more than anything. Usually it's about the time that someone loses a 2nd tower in the middle lane. It is always tempting to farm a lane in safety while the rest of your team fights a 4v5. Once in a while this is the proper strategy (such as pushing an adjacent lane in the endgame when your team is pinning them at a base tower), but the vast majority of the time you are hurting your team by doing this. Even if you're underlevelled, you are better off being with the team and making a contribution.

Often a 5v5 fight in the middle turns into an extended bout of tug of war. After awhile it seems pointless, and you will start thinking about farming some cash and xp elsewhere. The team which remains patient and does not bleed off members singly into the jungle will win this fight every single time. Don't bleed off. If you are sure that things aren't going to go well for the team, call out that everyone should leave, and then leave as a pack. One of the techniques I like to use in these situations is to get all of us to just walk a ways off into the jungle and hide in the brush for a bit. Typically once the enemy sees that the tug of war is over, they'll split up and one or two will wander into the trap, where they can easily be picked off and the push can resume with a manpower advantage.

Of even greater importance is to never silently leave a team push. There's nothing worse than having everyone roll a 2nd tower and go charging into the base because you killed 2 opponents without taking a loss, only to find that your DPS just wandered off into the jungle and you can do nothing but watch in horror as the other 4 of you get slaughtered. If you really have to leave due to direly low health, call it out; we all play on Vent so there's no excuse for not announcing that you're no longer with the push. If you think you have to leave because you need to defend a tower or farm a lane, you are not thinking clearly. As soon as your team has a 2+ man advantage, you need to drive hard for that inhibitor. Towers, gold, and xp are nothing compared to downing an inhib.

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

It keeps going until you hit something.
I am now at a 5 win streak with Ashe. I've pretty much perfected her now and her loadout.

What is your loadout? I just started playing her and really liked her style. Managed two wins in two games. The first was despite me (1-19-8).

Item 1 - Fedora - I must admit my voice was amongst the chorus on that shot of yours. the beauty of it was this. from my point of view we had just pushed into their base a bit and hear you say 'watch this shot across the map". of course in my head I am going "ya ya ya... good luck big fella". And there is a good 3-4 seconds after your voice before the shot actually appears in their base and flat out nails ryze! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's not like we had pushed them right back to their towers and they had no where to go.

item 2 - Mr Crinkle - you are a fount of wisdom sir. I must say that I never played games like this until Demigod and now Lol and some HoN. And since I have been playing and learning more I find your infrequent bits of text always very very insightful. fedora and I definitely as ranged toons can hold are own very well and had really gotten down a feel for each other so that we whittle down an opponent to the point that if either of us makes a move the other is right there to help. But your point I find very poignant in that it's not about killing the champ on the other side early game. If you get a kill - but you sat in hiding for 5 minutes to get it instead of farming and harrasing - you lost out on gold and xp that was probably more valuable then that kill you got. And you could put yourself in a dangerous position in trying. I do think that before minions even spawn you sometimes can get an early kill by being smart and setting up a "filed of fire" so that both of you can't get stunned at once, yet you can both attack at same time if you get hte jump on them. I only touch upon a bit of what you say - but all of what you say is damn good stuff.

item 3 - along crinkles line of thought. The "ping" of an opponent on a push I think is very valuable. It marks them so that everyone knows to focus on them 1st - take them out then go for secondaries. I think it even helps in the fact that when everyone is in a battle it is easy to lose track, and your cursor. so the big bullseye help to keep focus. Then once that one is down, people tend to look for the low health bars and focus on them anyways.

Item 4- I just used the word "Item" because it gives weight to any bit of nonsense.

Item 5 - Happy New year!!!

Best compliment ever... I was called a cheater when playing Gangplank.

we just finished a game where the other team had a Sion who went something like 38-4-6. Something silly like that.

The crazy thing is he used an AP build with him.

Made his shield blast and stun absolutely deadly. It also didnt hurt that he had an Evelyn helping in his lane and double stuns was messing us up at the start.

After he hit 11 though he was practically untouchable. Was 1 or 2 shot everyone that came near.

Would take our whole team to take him down. Luckily the rest of his team was sub par and we were able to push through each time he died.

I have read AP sions are monsters, because they have an 1:1 damage to AP rate and the shield also has as much absorbtion as AP.

Vector wrote:
FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

It keeps going until you hit something.
I am now at a 5 win streak with Ashe. I've pretty much perfected her now and her loadout.

What is your loadout? I just started playing her and really liked her style. Managed two wins in two games. The first was despite me (1-19-8).

I start out with a Vampiric Scepter for early game life steal which is great on her and most ranged characters as it pretty much eliminates the need for HP regen as long as you have something to hit, which you usually do. Then I farm until I get about 900 gold and go back to pick up executioner's calling. I can get that by the time I'm around lvl 3-4. This gives you 18% life steal and extra crit hit chance with the added benefit of some DOT which is perfect for harassing with Ashe especially and beastly early game. Say goodbye to those times when people just barley make it past their tower with 5 HP they're as good as dead. Then I move on to getting boots, just get the boots of swiftness, +3 to movement. From there on I usually work on attack speed and crit chance. Go for daggers and then move on to Zeal and the upgrade for that (I forget the name of it, Phantom Dancer maybe? It's in her recommended). From there on, it depends on the champions you're against usually. If you have enemies with lots of health, get some attack damage and ect. I always suggest you also get Last Wisper if you can as well as if boost speed and cuts through armor.

Excellent thanks for the tips. I can get the mechanics of the game and understand how to play but I find myself at a loss for itemization.

Yeah, 1-19-18 is most certainly not where you want to be. With Ashe, it may take a bit but first try and perfect the art of not dieing. 0 deaths in a game is of course the best but try to keep under 5 every game. Don't be worried if you have a lot of assists and a few kills, that will happen but if you had went 1-2-18 that would've been much better.

A kill is not often worth dieing for, especially with Ashe. That's the great thing about the Executioner's calling, half the time, you don't need to even chase them

Edit: My winning streak is now at 8.

I finally got the game working and have been playing and learning for the last few days under the name Misterproof
I had never played any Dota before and I must say that LoL is very very fun.
I've managed to learn to restrain my usual suicidal tendencies in multiplayer game since feeding the opponent is extremely bad
I've mostly played with Nunu and Heimerdinger but got caught flat footed when they rotated the champions. My trial with Evelyn was a total disaster and even though I studied Dr Mundo a lot and learned to play him I still didn't win much.
I've bought Nunu since I like her a lot and she was cheap

Looking forward to playing with some of you and keeping learning here since many posts are very informative.

Ohh and Happy New Year to all.

The secret of Edxactly's assortment of expensive runes has been revealed! He was caught today utilizing a young IP farmer on his account. For shame!

In other news, a cry went out for the daily GWJ players to try their hands at playing tanks once in awhile, since having one on the team is nigh essential for success and some folks are getting weary of being forced into doing it every round in which Gaald isn't playing

Malphite is highly, highly recommended. If you like to go off of guides, this one contains the playstyle and skill build that I find works best. I'm not a big fan of preset item builds, but for this character the first 3 are a no brainer.

-Doran's Shield and Health or Mana Potion
-Ninja Tabi
-Phage->Frozen Mallet

Once you have that core, it all gets situational. Items that I've found to work well:

-Thornmail (if against 2 or more heavy DPSers)
-Zeal (a little movespeed is very helpful in getting you in for that first hit to apply the Mallet proc, then the team can gang up easily)
-Infinity Edge
-Phantom Dancer
-Last Whisper
-Black Cleaver

Mana items aren't really necessary. Up until the mid-game they are handy for harrassing and making sure you always have enough on hand for a full ult-smash-disc combo to initiate a team fight, but a little skill discipline will serve you well enough to get out of the early game, and after you're 12 or so mana is rarely a problem. Lifesteal is also a bad call. If you want survivability, invest in more health/armor/magic resist. You lack sufficient DPS to make use of it in a real battle, and your cleave ability gets no benefit from it.

Taking either Flash or (if you find blinking difficult and really don't wish to practice it) Cleanse/Ghost are essential in order to give you a chance of survival after you've initiated a team fight when there will be no clear winner. Your job is to draw all the fire, let them beat on you, and bail at the last possible safe moment, by which time your team has hopefully killed a few of them. Later in the game, your cleaving attacks allow you to push lanes with ease, and the activated damage bonus will allow you to easily smash the first hero you target with your initial combo. Do note that unlike many dual use passive/active abilities, Malphite's cleaving passive does not stop working when you activate the damage bonus. This is highly useful when you ult into a dense pack and get a couple of free high-damage cleaving swings while they're all dazed.

Early game is about killing by spell damage, late game by physical damage. At no point does the character ever feel underpowered; he's an all around great champion and a phenomenal asset in a team battle when his ult is up.

I'll probably try out a tank soon, at least while solo queuing to begin with. Currently I'm with Twitch and I'm starting to get a good build order and tactics going. Unfortunately he absolutely sucks solo queuing with, since he needs a good team to be worthwhile. Playing support to the GWJ team and being able to press R and have the enemy team go poof is however pretty awesome (24 kill streak ho!).

I've been using this site to plan item builds. It's handy having easy access to all the info you need. I recommend playing around with it.

Usually when I tank I take Sho'gath or even Nasus, he's like a secret tank. People wont even realize it until you soak up a ton of damage and push their entire team back.

I've been using Malphite for awhile now as well... I really do like him. I dont use that same build though. I go really heavy on the armor side of things and have some health regen. With the heavy armor build I just add some crit and i'm good to go. I've had the ground slam ability crit for over 1k+ against mobs 700+ against champions.

I rush to the Frozen Heart after i pick up the Tabis personally and depending what i'm fighting change it up. I am planning on using the Frozen Mallet more just to keep them in range of ground slam more.

Cool thing about Malphite is his natural ability to absorb damage (10% of his health) every 10 seconds. If you're careful with mobs you can shrug off basic attacks that other champions will send your way.

Another item i've incorporated into most of my builds now also is Nashor's Tooth.

+30% Attack Speed +55 Ability Power +12 Mana Regeneration per 5 UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 25%

You start off with the Meki's Pendant which gives you decent mana regen at the start of the fight. The Pendant is part of 1 piece for the Tooth so in the end you dont waste a slot and it tends to handle all mana needs for light mana users.

Nashors tooth is something I want to incorporate into my Sion build but i am just not sure where.

With all my recent winning I've gotten lots of IP to spend on building my rune page up a bit.
Right now it's not great but it's pretty nice and gives some decent boosts, makes a huge difference early game, especially with a character like Ashe and when I'm soloing in the mid.

NathanialG wrote:

Nashors tooth is something I want to incorporate into my Sion build but i am just not sure where.

I'd get it around lvl 8-11

Sion needs some kind of a mana regen. I've tried to go without it, but he runs out after a push and when you push a lane the last thing you want is to have no mana when the other champions come to stop ya.

Man oh man, you'd be surprised how few people understand the concept of a level gap... or maybe not, depends on how many pub games you've played.

Sticking together when the enemy team has 5 levels on everybody except me and only attacking individual targets is for sissies!

After messing around with a bunch of characters, I've enjoyed Ashe, Fiddlesticks, and Yi to be my favorites. Sion seems like a solid choice (i especially love his sound bites), but for some reason, I've yet to find a groove with him.

We had a fantastic game tonight. We had lost the momentum but managed to catch their whole team at Baron killed them stole the buff and then managed to destroy their base. We all played really well except for Fedora who was a bit of an anchor.

Yeah, I was such an anchor
That was an awesome game though, that ambush at baron was sweet.

Edit: that game wasn't anything compared to the one after that. That was just awesome, great job on the teamwork guys, sorry if I seemed a bit bossy but after seeing how they were pushing I knew we could make a comeback.