The GWJ Tag Archive - "What does your tag mean?"


This is related to Queueball's "What's the Best Tag You've Seen?" thread.

If you're like me, you will occasionally see a Goodjer tag and have no idea what the significance of it is. Given the fact that it's a bit of a hassle to search through really old threads to figure it out, I thought it would be nice to have a single thread where people can post the meaning of their tags, who chose it and maybe a few runners-up if you're feeling special.

If the thread catches on, it'd be nice to put it in the Goodjer Commandments.

+100 GWJ points for first snarky comment.
-100 GWJ points for each subsequent snarky comment.

(Also, I couldn't find a similar thread to necro; apologies if this has been done before. I personally can't remember here, but I'm still relatively new to GWJ)

Meaning: Adamantine Boreas comes from the X3: Terran Confict thread where Yonder posted this in response to my violent, and irrational campaign against the space-faring fish people known as the Boron:

Yonder wrote:
X - Fortress Conflict wrote:

This is an Adamantine Boreas. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It bristles with PPCs of steel. It is plated with 2 GJ shields of diamond. On the item is an image of a Boron. The Boron is crying. On the item is an image of a Boron. The Boron is dead.

The Boreas is an M2 class destroyer, and it became my capital ship. It was the scourge of many a Boron sector. Nearly unbeatable.

Nearly :'(

Who Chose It: Quintin Stone, with an obvious assist from Yonder

Runners-Up: Loves the Kha'ak, Just Sorrow


Fun fact, most people actually wanted my tag to be f*cking Tkyl. The reason for this was because when I'd play Team Fortress 2 with the GWJ crowd, the only time you saw me tended to be just after you were killed and I showed up in your freeze cam. As such, you would immediately scream into the mic, "f*cking Tkyl!" (Hint: I was a spy)

Well, the goodjer overlords wouldn't have that as a tag so instead we went with the second choice: Knife->Face. If you haven't played Team Fortress 2 (especially in the earlier days), there used to be a very common bug in which as a spy you would end up stabbing people in the face but it would register as being hit in the back. This would then give you an instant kill. So you have that combined with the whole, Finger->Butt meme, and someone came up with my new tag.

Awesomeville Crier

Meaning: It came from World of Warcraft. Waaaay back in the day when I first joined the Goodjer WoW guild, the Horde side was dying. So I rolled Alliance side and joined up. I really enjoyed making a fool of myself in guild chat. One day, someone joined up and there was a great outpouring of welcome, mine included. And someone said this place was awesome. So the next time someone joined, again loving making an ass of myself, I said "WELCOME TO AWESOMVILLE! WHERE AWESOME IS IN THE WATER!" And from then on whenever anybody joined or even brought their alts on, they got similar treatment. Although I try and change up the last comment. Various people have told me to stop and its annoying, but I don't care. You can expect that reaction every time anyone joins GWJ Alliance and I'm on. Why? Because in Awesomeville, awesome is what we do.

Who suggested it? Aries. He never got tired of it.

Runners up: Most of the others ranged from vaguely to blatently insulting, so none of them really stuck in my mind.

White & Nerdy

Meaning: I'm white and I work in IT as a developer/tech support/system administrator/misc position and I like nerdy things (like The IT Crowd).

Who suggested it? mrtomaytohead with an assist from RedJen

Runners up: In My happy Place

TIE Required

Meaning: Stele comes from the protagonist of the old PC game, TIE Fighter: Maarek Stele. If you got the original disk version, there was a story book included, The Stele Chronicles, which I still have sitting in my box of game boxes and manuals. My tag thread included many Star Wars references.

Who Suggested It? Higgledy.

Runners-up: Emperor's Stool Pigeon, which is a quote from Battle 5, Mission 1 of the game, when


Admiral Harkov turns traitor and sends you out with two wingmen that have orders to kill you. :shock:

Behind the wheel,
ahead of the storm

Chosen because:
While it's only evidenced in my avatar and conversation now and then, I love to drive. Anywhere, any time. I have my Commercial Driving License and I am going to go OTR someday. So while all of the previous suggestions were awesome, this late suggestion by skeletonframes caught me with its suggestive imagery. I like the song he got it from too!

Suggested by:

Runners up:
Way too many to list. Pretty much everything suggested was awesome and it made me sad I could only choose one.

Tag: Office Jester

Chosen because: I was the only GWJ writer at the time who didn't have a tag. I'm convinced I'm funny, ergo, tag.

Suggested by: No one. IIRC, I simply picked it. That's kind of sad. I might be the only person in history -- with obvious exceptions -- with a self-decided tag.

Tag: <<-- look over

Chosen because: After a certain point I became OCD about playing all the classes in TF2 and balancing the time between them. There was a stat reset, so I did cheat slightly, but currently I'm at about 37-38 hrs for each class.

Suggest by: Atlas

Woo spawning more threads

Tag: Will you please stop screaming

Meaning: I had a Rowan Atkinson Devil for my avatar at the time;


And it's a line from his Welcome to Hell skit.

An avatar based tag is a tricky thing, but it's a good enough line to stand on its own, and since I've established my tradition of always having a Devil avatar it seems apt.

Suggested by: Vector

Honourable mentions: Mostly to Trophy Husband who had a lot of clever South African references, and I had actually picked Wreckin' fools and stealin' souls when Vector game in with a last minute winner.

It would still have been an awesome tag.

Prose before Bros

Suggested by: lunabean.
Meaning and Reasoning: I think it's pretty self explanatory. I am a female Saint. I'm actually now dead to a lot of people because I did not go with some of the more favored and obvious suggestions. The runners up Kannonized and Patron Saint of Oogaba were great, but I wanted something a bit more special. Something that was purely mine and didn't involve Kannon, one that was new and fresh.

Arch Nemesis Extraordinaire

Chosen because:
It was just about the most awesome sounding tag out there, and the wife liked it too. It's also only covertly Mr Potato Head related. Gurbber788 made it better by declaring me a "nemesis indeed" after I axed his suggestion.

Suggested by:
Haakon7 - I feel bad that I had to go look that up when I can remember who has picked my suggestions. Sorry, man.

Runners up:
Better Red Than Dead - which was cool sounding until I realized Grubber788, who suggeted it, was located in China and the reference clicked.
I Bleed Ketchup
I Squish You
And His Bucket of Parts

It all happened the week I hit 2 years here and bought my first house.

Tag: Biggest Darryl
Suggested by: The_Judge
Meaning and Reasoning: An homage to my favorite cat, Big Darryl, brother of Little Darryl and Larry. We named the original two Darryl and Darryl, because like their namesakes, we thought they may have been retarded when they were babies.

My greatest fear is that I'm actually secretly retarded. I was always in gifted classes as a kid. The one I was in longest was called SPECTRA, which is a portmanteau of "Special Training". "Special" classes nowadays have a much different meaning, and no matter how ugly your kids' drawings are, you put them on the fridge, so I started to get a nagging feeling that whenever someone told me how smart I was, they were just humoring me. Of course, if it were true, I'd have no idea, and probably wouldn't even be able to have these thoughts in the first place.

So, to honor my little retards and take my place as their king, I went with "Biggest Darryl".


Atomic Supercat Subordinate (for the acronym)
Fear Big Darryl
Crit Death From Above (for teaching MyBrainHz to look up in TF2)
Agent of Spectra
Secretly Retarded
Secret Retard
Just humor him
He's special

Tag: Calmer than you are.

Meaning: reference to my Walter Sobchak avatar, from the movie, The Big Lebowski:

The Dude: "Walter, calm the f*ck down!"

Walter: "Calmer than you are, Dude"

Who suggested it: Gravey, IIRC.

Runner up: I can get you a toe.

Suggested by:Sonicator
The tag is in reference to this thread wherein I asked the goodjer collective for advice in the areas of the fairer sex. They did not steer me wrong, as I ended up marrying Hot Waitress Girl and will be celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend. It also was fitting for me as I always read the manual, or spend way too long researching before making a decision.

Runner ups
"Here be Rookery Whelps"
Here Be Dragons

Tag: Fun for a girl or a boy.

Suggested by: I don't remember. I'm sorry, whoever you are! I feel really bad about forgetting.

Meaning: You could probably figure it out pretty easily. My name has "Slinky" in it and I'm bi. I actually don't like things that point out my sexuality as it makes me feel almost like one of those people who tries to define themselves through what kind of genitals they like, but it's not like I'm constantly bringing it up. Most of my friends in college didn't even know until second year of college, and some of them still don't know because they weren't around the one time I left the bar with that dude.

Runner ups (isn't it supposed to be runners up?)
Roll for Dharma Initiative.
I really liked that one, even though I didn't want something avatar-specific. It's just too delicious of a pun, though, and considering I really haven't been able to find another avatar I like as much as Mr. Bentato Head, it would have been perfect. I actually like that tag a lot more than the one I have now, but the one I have now does suit me and my name pretty well and more people wanted me to have my current tag than any other suggested tags. I can't remember what happened exactly, I just remember saying that if someone did something, I would go with my current tag. Someone did something and now this is my tag, but I'll never forget "Roll for Dharma Initiative." I also feel really bad that I don't remember who suggested it.
I don't remember any other runner(s) up(s) because my memory is a horrible(s).

Tag: "lime pickle"
Chosen because:
I loved how it had a hint of cuteness that indicated I am a girl, and the lime meaning "limey", because I'm British. It was just inventive Also, lime pickle is soooo tasty.
Suggested by: Twas DudleySmith what dubbed me.
Runners up: I had a huge list, but the one that I selected and then retconned was "woman, woman, whoaaaaaa man!"
Also, "Brit gal seeking nice guy to pwn" and "Like its spelled" made me laugh, as well as the Idle Thumbs-esque "DVVDDOVDTagODDVDODVD"

Tag: Rider on the Storm
Suggested by: PurEvil
Meaning: I mostly play WoW, with all my characters some theme of weather related phenomenon followed by a verb?(Stormspain, Rainsmercy, Stormsrage....etc) due to being a huge fan of Thunderstorms. This title just caught me as being appropriate when seeing it

Overworked, Underplayed
A world of hurt coming down
Any Wash quotes from Firefly(use Wash as an avatar)

Need Better Goggles

Meaning: A couple of weeks prior to my 1,000th post, I had created a thread detailing my recent vision woes, i.e. discovering I was colorblind, nightvision getting really bad, and regular vision starting to crap out on me as well.

Who suggested it? PurEvil

Runners up:
Traffic Lights = Fail
@[email protected][/quote]


I posted it among several suggestions 1 minute after someone else did, so I claim 1/2 credit.

Tag:Granola and Grenades.

Suggested by:SwampYankee

Meaning: I enjoy first person shooters, probably Battlefield Vietnam at the time, and the outdoors. At the time I was sporting an avatar of my mountaineering boots. I don't think I let the thread go more than 8 or so posts before demanding that Granola and Grenades be mine.

Runner-up These boots were made for walking.

Tag: Awesome Sauce

Suggested by: Wordsmythe

Meaning: Even though I named myself after the one-off character from the Simpsons, and my avatar has always included some reference to him (typically his pipe bomb), most of the tag suggestions were about gravy the sauce. Urban Dictionary defines "awesome sauce" as

a beautifully assonant phrase which can and should be used on any occasion where joy and elation are expressed. the origin of 'awesome sauce' is probably from Strong Bad, although in that case he refers to a cleaning product with the trade name of Awesome Sauce. 'awesome sauce' has been adapted for use both as an exclamation or reserved sign of approval.

So it's entirely true that I am awesome sauce, and the extra Strong Bad doesn't hurt either.

Runners-up: "Gasp, monocle, etc." (my exclamation of shock), "Nobody puts Gravey in a corner", "You'll Roux The Day!" (the best sauce pun), "Clemenstation"

VDOWhoNeedsDD wrote:

as well as the Idle Thumbs-esque "DVVDDOVDTagODDVDODVD"

Tag: Got Blood?

Suggested by: Fangblackbone

Runners Up: I suck
Feeling a little stiff

My avatar at the time was Nosferatu from the movie Nosferatu, so the vampire theme was fairly well set in stone.
Would I pick the same today? Not sure, at the time though it seemed to be the obvious winner (because IHAVEABIGFANG I wouldn't have dared go with at the time)
Obfuscate FTW
Has a Great Personality
Bite you? Ok. (LOL, this is something I'm likely to do in real life)
would be strong contenders, but hey it has been four years since I got tagged. (yikes where does the time go?)

@Mechaslinky - I'm crushed that you could forget me so soon.

RedJen wrote:

@Mechaslinky - I'm crushed that you could forget me so soon.

Can I pretty please have 1/2 credit pretty please with a cherry on top, please?

Who - skeletonframes gets another feather in his tagging cap

Why - I multitask by playing while I poop. Used to keep a GBA SP with a copy of Wario Ware on the back of the toilet. The wife (then girlfriend) and I would have ongoing high-score competetitions such that you'd come out of the bathroom crowing about the score you'd just acheived on whatever minigame. Doesn't happen so much since my DS got smote by the floor. Will do again when I get a 3DS, no doubt.

Runner-ups: "Colonial Overlord", "My thumbs are ripped", "Trust me, I'm English"

Well, I guess I should go next, then.

Tag: ...On a last chance power drive

Suggested by:Atras

Meaning: My username is a pretty obscure Springsteen reference. (huge fan) my tag comes from Born To Run. [The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive] That phrase suits me all too well. When Atras suggested it, I couldn't choose anything else. Not only was I amazed he got the Springsteen reference, the phrase he chose fit well.

Runner-up: Born To Run. I could have almost chose this. (it suits me too well, too. Too well.)

Didn't get the Springsteen reference, skeletonframes. My wife probably would've, though. One of her favorite Boss-related videos. (slightly NSFW)

Tag: Unprncbl

Suggested by Dr_Awkward

Meaning: Pretty self-explanatory. It's hard to pronounce my username and it's a pun on a consonant followed by all vowels - switched around so that it's a vowel followed by consonants.

Lots of runner-ups.... many from Wordy that, looking back now, i have no idea where they came from or how he knew about them!! Maybe he really was stalking me. I'm also quite proud that one of the site admins started my tagging thread. Doesn't happen very often! My, how i've fallen out of favour with the podcast crew. I bet they're just jealous

Tag: Audacious Arsonist

Suggested By: Nihilo

Meaning: Way back when before we moved to the crappy-internet abyss we live in now, I was playing TF2 pretty much every night. My favored class (still is) pyro, which does a very good job at setting lots of things on fire. Well more than once I'd go in, set everyone on fire, destroy something, and instead of retreating like a sane person, I'd continue torching stuff until I got exploded. Also: Suicide pyro is fun, and very good at hosing the other team's plans.

Runner(s) up: Retconned. Absolutely hilarious. (Mortar of Truth, another tagsmaid is my XBL motto)

Tag: Divide and Conquer

Suggested by: Nossid

Meaning: Forum name reference, and kind of related to the fact that I'm a twin in a family of twins (great-grandma, sister, nieces, cousins, and second cousins). We're super fertile and we split eggs like other people split bananas, and we're slowly taking over the world.

Split personality
Super genus
I'd split it!