NHL 11 - Catch-All

TheCounselor wrote:

I haven't really been playing much NHL because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to score. Maybe it's an aiming issue, as I prefer manual aim, but I used to be able to be competitive against All-Star difficulty, and now I'm hopeless. I played a game against Pro difficulty AI last night, and won in overtime, but scoring still seemed too hard. Did they change the tuner sets or something? Maybe I'll try auto-aim, but it sure seems like something is different.

It varies. I'll get shutout one game then ring up the Pens for 4 straight goals (and yes, I use manual aim and All Star on Hardcore). Frankly, since that's par for the course for the Canes I just figure the simulation is amazingly accurate :D.

Went down 4-1 to the Preds as the Leafs then scored 4 straight in the 3rd to win. Next game scored 4 straight in the first and held on to beat the Pens. Maybe I am figuring out the goal scoring a bit. Faceoffs on the other hand...when I really need to win one I just hit up on the left stick to tie up and hope my winger scoops it. Any tips? Also not really sure the best maneuvers to make when I'm one on one with the goalie.

Started playing online vs. randoms. Back to not being able to score at all.

Twins suck.

Not even the right sport...