Oldest game that you're actively still playing?

Lobo wrote:
Hari Seldon wrote:

Monthly Basis:

Ascendancy - can't believe this isn;t named yet: greatest (and baddest AI) 4X of all time

Be sure to play it with the Antagonizer patch. It improves the AI a great deal—the AI will actually assemble fleets and attack! Looks like you can get the patch at Abandonia.

I surely do... Even connected to the developer through linked in to urge him to finish Ascendancy II... allthough I didn't have the nerve yet to bug him for that, hahaha.

Moved up to Civ III and Homm III in the meantime. Played newer games, but things like No Man's Sky or Planet Coaster just don't do it for me.. My Pile of Shame is humongous

Aeoringas wrote:

For me it's Jetpac. A game that was released in 1983 and runs within 16kb (yes kilobytes) it still remains for me one of the most fun arcade shooter games ever made.

Fun fact, the first game I played on my Xbox Series X upon its release was Jetpac. Granted I did it because I thought it would be ironic, but I also genuinely wanted to play it.

Not to poop on the original but Jetpac Refuelled on the 360 was a really good refresh on the original, too.