Toonstruck 2...but only if we ask nicely!

I request, nay emplore that if you have even the tiniest adventure-gamer bone in your body you should sign this petition post haste...

In light of recent correspondence with one of the original creators of Toontsruck, Keith Arem, the man who holds the rights to the original game *and* the unreleased sequel material, the possibility of a Toonstruck 2 exactly as the creators intended it to be is finally within reach. To quote Mr. Arem:

"Now that my career has developed, I would like to re-release an updated version of Toonstruck to include the 2nd half of the game (iPad, online, etc), but I would need tremendous fan support to justify its release."

This is a thing that must happen. Won't somebody PLEASE think of the lesbian cartoon farm animals in bondage gear!


Oh yes. That happened.