after the move still no audio

After I moved to the new tower I'm still not getting audio. The soundcard is getting power (it powers blue to the side) but in device manager it isn't showing up, what's showing up is ATI high def audio device. Does my new GPU support sound or is that just for the HDMI in?

I have it plugged into the board and then I have the audio connector set up to the inputs as well.

Did you get a new motherboard? It sounds like your mobo settings are overriding the PCI card by setting the onboard audio device as the primary adapter. Go into your bios and check the audio settings and if it is, disable onboard sound.

I'd suggest pulling and reseating the card; it can be in far enough to get power without being in far enough to actually work. If it's a Xonar, remember it needs a floppy power connector as well.

The ATI device you're seeing is built into the GPU, and it only works over an HDMI connection, as far as I know. You might want to just disable it if you're not using it.

Ulairi wrote:

Does my new GPU support sound or is that just for the HDMI in

The ATI driver is just for HDMI OUT. You should still see your sound card. Check the BIOS like Duoae suggests. But I'd think a system could in theory support two audio devices even if on board was enabled. (Hence you seeing the ATI digitial audio option).

Might also try moving the sound card to another slot.

EDIT: Beaten!

Wiggle and blow method of reseating cards always works.

boogle wrote:

Wiggle and blow method always works.


I tried to take the sound card out and put it back in but still no luck. I am pretty sure I have it connected properly and the power button from the case is still not working. I'm debating if I should take it in to be checked or keep trying.

Ulairi wrote:

I tried to take the sound card out and put it back in but still no luck.

Does this mean that you did take it out or that you tried and failed?

Okay after putting in some time with this there's several things i'd make sure are going on first since your posts lack a lot of information. Didn't realise that you'd had another thread detailing what your GPU was. Info is helpful!!

So far the only info is:
Mobo - ASUS Rampage Formula
GPU - AMD/ATI 5870

I'm assuming that the sound card you are referring to is the one that came with the mobo - the Supreme FX2? No idea since this isn't mentioned in either thread....

- Make sure your Supreme FX2 is located in the correct PCIe x1 slot (the manual shows it as a black slot). It only works in the top slot above the top-most PCI slot nearest the CPU.

- Make sure your speakers in windows are set to the correct functionality. I've seen people who have discovered that their audio output was set to send to bluetooth or somesuch.

Regarding the power button issue:

I have the white block that has the PWR RST connected to my motherboard and the pwr connector from the case attached to the correct pwr pin on the white block. However, at looking at my older case it had a RST connector, and then +/- connectors as well. My new case just seems to have the pwr connector and the HDD LED connector.

- Have you checked behind the floppy/HDD mounting in the case? Sometimes the wires can get stuck in there during transport. Also some helpful info would be what was the make and name of your new tower? It should be fairly easy to look up and see what connectors and bumph comes with it. Though to be fair, the +/- connectors on my cases are for the LEDs. If your case lacks these then it won't have the +/- connectors.

- Neither of my Asus motherboards came with those white plastic adapters that convert a "two pin" Reset and power connector into a 3 and 4 pin connector and my cases all have individual pin connectors at the end of their wires. The only one i have experience with this sort of thing is my really old case and my dad's case. In one of those situations we had to shift one of the pins over a space in the connector so that it fit onto the system panel connectors on the motherboard. We did this by depressing the metallic part of the case connector in whilst pulling on the wire to remove it and then inserted it one along. Now, i know this probably isn't the case here but there are a couple of things you can do:

- If you're confident that the right connector is going into the power pins then turn it around so that the pins are switched. If it's the wrong way around the computer will either not turn on/off from the button as intended AND/OR it will turn on as soon as there's power from the PSU when you throw that switch on the back of it.

- If you want to plug the power connector directly into the bank on the motherboard you can move the pin along inside the connector as i mentioned above. There's enough space on the bank of pins to do this for both the power and reset buttons.

I hope this helps.

I should also reiterate (since i never saw you mention it) that you should check your BIOS and see whether your HD audio is enabled or disabled.

What kind of sound card is it? And what OS are you running, again?

Getting it in the right PCIe x1 slot fixed it. I want to thank everyone for their help! Now, I just need to get the power button to work and I'm all moved in.