Wii (motion plus) Sport games?

After playing Tiger Woods '11 I'm completely amazed at the 'real life' accuracy of the swings and etc. So I would like to know if there is a good baseball game where swinging the bat (mostly) is as good as TW? I looked around and don't see much mentioned, and what is is scored low. But I do see that baseball bat attachments seem popular. So what are those folks playing? (unfortunately it seems these cool attachments demand you remove the rubber sleeves etc., which is not a good thing. But if someone knows for sure any that don't would be appreciated). This also goes for tennis (not table).

Hopefully someone has some good tips on any games out or coming that might utilize motion plus the way TW '11 does!


Well, it's not baseball, but EA is coming out with a pretty cool Wii version of the NHL game called NHL Slapshot. It has the longest career mode of any game, as you begin play in PeeWee hockey and work your way up to the NHL. But more importantly, they have a hockey stick controller. It might be really cool.

You can probably skip the first minute, which is when the trailer starts. Then a guy comes out and demos the controller. I can't say that I've bought in, but it might be what you are looking for, but hockey instead of baseball.