8800 GT BSOD in OpenGL Apps

Are the new Nvidia drivers crap with regards to opengl? I keep getting a BSOD with the nv4display after using lightwave (opengl 3d modeling program) for anywhere from 15-90 minutes.

Its fine browsing the web all day or playing games like dow 2 and lotro. But as soon as I mess around in lightwave it will bsod.

I really hope its not my 8800 gt going bad. As I'm about to be one of the est. 3 million statistic at the end of the month if I don't find work or congress gets its act together. So getting a new graphics card is out of the question. (Oh man a 5770 would be so nice... but so would more ram and a quad core)

After working with a lab filled with several hundred nvidias for a few years, I know at any time the gpu fan can break or come off, spelling eventual doom.

I really hope its just some driver shennanigans. I noticed it started when I began installing a bunch of games in the steam sale THQ pack. Something might have come up when the games try to reinstall direct x 9c over and over.

Help! I need to keep working on my 3d art portfolio.

If it's a BSOD, I'd say it's less likely a hardware failure for the graphics cards, as you're likely to notice artifacting before it dies, check your other hardware as well.

Also can you check for more than one app? Do some stress testing with a variety of apps in D3D/GL, and also non 3D stuff. If you think it's dodgy drivers, switch to a known good set, even if it's a really old set. Monitor the temperatures. Get some more information to make deductions from.