(PC) TF2 GWJ 2010 Summer Tournament (There can be... only one. )



Hot on the heels of the GWJ victory over the Telltale SEALS in Team Fortress 2, we figured a lot of people who weren't "drafted" had some interest in a little healthy competition. With almost 200 people on the GWJ TF2 PC group (and probably more who have played just casually), we could organize a summer tournament consisting of about 6-10 teams depending on how many people are interested. This is the thread to express your interest!

May 20th update:
TF2 GWJ Tourney Agenda on Google Calendar

Pasted here for your further consideration:

GWJ TF2 Tourney Agenda 2010 v1.0


(Central Time Zone)
1. Mon May 24 8pm–9pm - Team 1 vs 2
Team UNO vs Team Team Curvaciously Delicious
map: cp_granary
Winner: Team UNO
(Match was not recorded)

2. Wed May 26 8pm–9pm - Team 5 vs 6
Team No Disassemble Johnny #5 vs Rolling Sixes 8pm Central
Map: cp_granary
Winner: Team J5
Demos: Match

3. Thu May 27 8pm–9pm - Team 3 vs 4
Brotherhood of Bonk vs Anne Frank's Attic Rave
map: cp_granary
Winner: Anne Frank's Attic Rave[i]

4. Fri May 28 8pm–9pm - Team 7 vs 8
Team Fairy Princesses vs The Voluptuously Versatile
map: cp_granary
Winner: The Voluptuously Versatile

5. (Re-scheduled): Wed Jun 2 9pm-10pm Central - Team 2 vs 4
Curvaciously Delicious VS Anne Frank's Attic Rave
map: pl_badwater
Winner: Curvaciously Delicious

6. Tuesday Jun 1, at 7 EST - Team 6 vs 8
Rolling Sixes VS The Voluptuously Versatile
map: pl_badwater
Winner: The Voluptuously Versatile[i]

7. Mon May 31 8pm–9pm - Team 1 vs 3
United Nerd Offense VS The Brotherhood of Bonk
Map: pl_badwater
Winner: UNO

8. Wed Jun 2 8pm–9pm - Team 5 vs 7
Team No Disassemble Johnny #5 VS Fairy Princesses
Map: pl_badwater
Winner: J5

9. Thu Jun 3 8pm–9pm - Team 2 vs 3
Curvaciously Delicious VS Brotherhood of Bonk
map: ctf_doublecross
Winner: Curvaciously Delicious

10. Tuesday, June 7th, 8pm Central (9 EST) - Team 6 vs 7
Rolling Sixes VS Fairy Princesses
map: ctf_doublecross
Winner: R6

11. Wednesday, June 9th at 8pm Central - Team 1 vs 4
United Nerd Offense VS Anne Frank's Attic Rave
map: ctf_doublecross
Winner: AFAR

12. Monday June 7th, 8PM Central : J5 vs VV
Team No Disassemble Johnny #5 VS The Voluptuously Versatile
Winner: J5
Tie-breaker match

Team Captains:
Team 1 - United Nerd Offense: absurddoctor
Team 2 - Curvaciously Delicious: Psych
Team 3 - Brotherhood of Bonk: ukickmydog
Team 4 – Anne Frank's Attic Rave: Minarchist
Team 5 - Team No Disassemble Johnny #5: Phishposer
Team 6 - Rolling Sixes: gtnissanfan
Team 7 - : Rezzy
Team 8 - The Voluptuously Versatile:FedoraMcQuaid
June 15th Update: SEMI-FINALS!
Teams to be facing off in the Semi Finals are:
HOT vs J5
May 27 update:
For a match to be official, a team must field at least 9 players, and of these, no more than 3 should be alternates/subs.

IF a team doesn't meet this number, the other team captain may choose to:
* Proceed with the match with less players and bench some of his team (ie a 7v7 match) <--- Preferred option for me but it might lead to some teamstacking due to alternates

* Re-schedule the match for another day

* He can choose to win by default.

This is to encourage other teams to make sure they'll meet their schedule or to start working on a re-schedule right now, because it's not fair to have 12 people ready to go on match-day and the other team is missing.

If a team meets the 9 players minimum, the other team should just bench that amount of players.

May 27th Update : Team Rosters

Alternates, possibly interested, not sure, not clear if they wanted in or not
General Crespin
Chief Wiggum

May 12th Issues

Pending issues and what's next, I recommend you read this:

* I'll make the teams in the next day or two, using that randomizer tool and tweaking it a bit

* TEAM CAPTAINS WILL BE CHOSEN RANDOMLY FOR EVERY TEAM along with a replacement "Sub-Captain" unless you speak your mind right now, because there's gotta be SOMEONE who talks for the team.
The main responsibility would be things like discussing the best schedule for your team and stuff like that. It's not really a big deal like you'd be expected to scrim and practice and decide strategeries, that's up to each team. The Sub is mostly in case the Team Captain dies or some minor inconvenience like that.

* As soon as teams + Captains are done, I'll make the random matchups for the first round and this will let the teams work out the best schedule for when they face each other. I honestly would like this to be done as soon as possible, if we could end before May or mid July that'd be great.

* There's no stopping this train now baby, so the main rule for team size is: when someone can't show up to a previously accepted schedule, team sizes will be accomodated to players available.
This means if 3 guys don't show up on Team Ukick, then Team Absurddoctor will have to bench that amount of players, and it will be an 8vs8 match, unless Alternates are contacted and want to play and the other team captain accepts. Matches will only be re-scheduled if both captains agree.

* On the other side, if both teams agree to add an alternate each, it could be a 12v12 team, I don't think most people will have a problem with that.

* This is going to be an instant elimination playoffs kinda thing - if you lose the map, you're out.

* Rules I think can be tweaked, but winning conditions:
CTF: Most points until time limit
Control Points such as Granary: Most points until time limit.
Payload : Not really sure here, probably most points until time limit.
Control Points such as Dustbowl: Probably the same, most points until match time limit. This might need to be extended because sometimes a team doesn't even get a chance to attack with the 30 minute time limit.
("points" refers to team points, not individual score)

* Maps to be played will be decided by coin toss. Each Team Captain will choose 1 map they want to play(Previous discussion with team I imagine). Right now this means that, in theory, yeah, I guess you could be eliminated on "Trains" with low grav... If the other Captain absolutely doesn't want to play and they can't agree on the map, I can pick the map semi-randomly.

* Crits are on, if this is a big deal we can discuss it in the thread.

* No class limits as agreed.

* Weapon alternatives are allowed

* Hats are allowed, in fact I'd say they're required

* If you have design skillz, it would be nice to have a "GWJ TF2 Tournament 2010" banner or whatever you can help with.

Original post remnants
"I don't want to read anymore, I'm IN! In like Flynn!"

Then just post here to express your interest, and welcome!
Sign in before : May 12th 2010.

Make sure you join the GWJ TF2 Steam group if you're not in it already.

(Removed poll since it's redundant, just post in the thread if you want to participate or if you have questions).

"But I am so busy! I have a JOB! I build arcade cabinets in my free time and date hot supermodels!"

Don't worry, this is not a "Pro gamer" competition. While there's some freak GWJers who are good enough to play competitively, the majority just play at most a few hours a week. The game is all about teamwork and hats, so everyone is welcome, the point is to participate and have some fun. There's also no need for "scrims" or practices or whatever, if your team wants to do so and be super competitive that's fine, but that would be up to each team. It's all about friendly rivalry, not internet drama. The only requirement is that once you agree on a match hour/date you don't miss it.

In short, if you sign up as a teammate (not a team captain) you'd basically only be required to play for the length of the match, which goes for 5 minutes to 30 minutes (and very rarely to 1 hour). If you're a team captain you'd need to put in some extra time to organize your team if you want to practice and all that.

"Are there any prizes?"

Yes, besides everlasting glory if you win the tournament, you'll also receive a kiss from Boogle (Not really, but if you want to chip in for a prize I'll update the thread).

"Do I have to be a long time GWJer to join?"

Well, not necessarily. If you're a lurker and interested, this is a good chance to de-lurk.
If you want to invite friends you're welcome to introduce them to the site and sign them up, although you'd be responsible for their good behaviour during matches. If you know of other communities that would be interested and are decent guys, they'd be welcome too, for example the CP guys.

As long as they're not 4chan-style communities, we're probably good to go.

"God you're handsome. Any more details? "

Since we're just gauging interest, there's no laws set in stone for the match, but the objective is to keep it as casual as possible while providing some healthy competition and eventually crowning a Team at the end of the tournament as the Kings of TF2 2010. Once we know how many people are in we can decide on team sizes and draft team captains and pick teams randomly or by whoever wants to group themselves.

Things we'll have for sure:

* Team Captains to manage every team and speak with the organizers

* A server to host official team matches

* Match times would be determined by team captains depending on the best time for both teams.

* Homoerotic banter

No huge time commitment, yet I'm definitely able to play whenever this thing is happening and I am home. Count me in.

I know this probably isn't a very helpful comment, but: I don't really have much interest in participating in this, but I hope it takes off, because I think it's a neat idea. I'd love to watch some friendly competition among the GWJ community members.

I'm definitely interested. I used to play semi-seriously back in the day. Count me in!

I'm in.

If people are willing to show a newbie the roes, I would be willing to play.

I'm in.

I'd like to be a team captain also. My only requirement is you have to have a drink with you when you play to be on my team.

Deam Trunk: We will emerge victorious, or be too drunk to care!

I'm in. Haven't played in a month or two cause I fried my video card, but new one shows up this weekend!

Wait a minute. I see from the other thread that you guys are talking about the PC.

Never mind then.

mudbunny wrote:

Wait a minute. I see from the other thread that you guys are talking about the PC.

Never mind then.

Oops, sorry I'll specify that in the first post!

I'll play, but I am very inexperienced (playtime says 9 hours on Steam).

edit: can you add me to the GWJ TF2 group?

So, what would this be, 6-on-6 tourney matches? Or are we talking full-on 12-on-12 maps? I think we would be able to form a bigger bracket with smaller teams, and competitive TF2 is largely 6-on-6, if I'm not mistaken.

I'd play. Even long lapsed, I can still kick plenty of asses.

NSMike wrote:

So, what would this be, 6-on-6 tourney matches? Or are we talking full-on 12-on-12 maps? I think we would be able to form a bigger bracket with smaller teams, and competitive TF2 is largely 6-on-6, if I'm not mistaken.

Depends on how many people express interest, personally I'd like full teams of 12, but realistically it would end up being 6 to 10. That's why the more people that join, the better. 6v6 would limit the maps we can play (ie dustbowl with 6 people is not great), but it all depends on how many people end up joining.

If half of our Steam Group joins that'd be excellent, but if less than 60 people join then it's probably not going to happen.

Hmmm... Like most games, I'll pick up the slack when you need that certain badge, achievement or power-up. I was the test model for the rag-doll physics...!

Not only am I interested, but also slightly aroused.

I haven't played with you guys in a while, but I'm certainly interested.

Don't take up the normal servers.

I'm down. I always sucked at real life team sports, so here's my chance to be one of the cool kids!

I'd fill a slot but I only play spy, and play him poorly I do.

I'm up for playing, but I can't commit to much (if any) practice time.

I'm in, and would help organize in some capacity if you need it. Except not a team captain. I haven't played enough lately to make good decisions.

Also, I would love to see it be 9v9, what with there being 9 classes. That feels like 'pure' TF2 to me.

Yeah I'd love 9v9 too and that's what I hope we can pull off.

To clarify, the "Team Captain" title just means you'll be the link between your team and the organizers for scheduling purposes, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to throw orders around or anything.

Beyond that, "Team Captain" will be whatever each team wants it to be, you can run your team however you want. Obviously more experienced Team Captains are desirable but not required.

I hope more people sign in, since this thing would be weekly I'll close signups by next tuesday. If you're not online at least a few times a week you're probably not going to make the team anyway.

Updating first post with closing time for sign ups: May 12th 2010

For old times sake, I'm in as well. Havent played in a while but I think I know the ropes enough.

Sounds like fun! Count me in!

So, uh... it's apparently been quite a while for me... last time I played was pre-TF2 Steam group. Any chance someone could lob an invite at me?

Sounds like a decent idea, but I don't know that I'd be around a lot this summer as my work schedule is going to be 8 kinds of jacked up.

Interest! (Yes, I wanna play.)

I would love to do something like this and may know a few others in the community who may be interested.

I'm in, as long as I can keep from rage quitting.......

I would be interested in playing. Although, I would hope this doesn't end up taking the place of the official TF2 nights.

I haven't played in a long time, but I guess I'll give it a shot. Can I get an invite to the Steam group?