Madden 10 Sim League (Xbox 360): Season 2?

Guys. I have advanced the league so you can see the people available in the draft. If you want to play a second season, please let me know. I am also taking suggestions on who to invite if there is a second season. I would ask Grump back, but I would like to fill up both division if I could. That means we would need, three more people. If there is no interest, we could just let the league die and concetrate on the 1.0 league and look forward to Madden 11.

I am going to open up the league to the people in 1.0 now, I think we could get a couple of people to join.

Here are the rules and guidelines Bean set forth in this league (For people interested in joining)

7 min Quarters, No Accel Clock, Slow Game speed
Injuries On, Full Season Trading, Fantasy Draft
Week will advance every 4 days with a 5th day being allowed if needed
1 Free Agent Acquisition per game week
Requesting Simulation Style Play

#1 - FANTASY DRAFT (Fantasy Draft was done prior to Season I)

#2 - 5 day weeks. NO EXCEPTIONS
- If you aren't done by end of 5th day, game gets simmed. If 2 owners are not able to agree on a game time, the game gets simmed. Not intentionally trying to be a dick on this one, just want to keep the league moving to the playoffs.
- If an owner knows he can't be available for the week, it is his responsibility to back out for that week. Since this action can be done online or from the xbox, there is no reason for them not to be able to back out.
- If an owner does not back out and has sims vs human players 2 weeks in a row, they will be removed from the league.

#3 - Free Agency
- 1 Free Agent pick every game week based on priority list. You post your desired picks and at the end of every week the picks will be assigned to teams based on a priority list (likely based off of team ratings, if replacing an injury, etc

#4 - Looking for simulation gameplay
Simulation Style Play expectations (most of these are items I ninja'd off of some other simulation leagues I was looking at)

Offense -
- Though it can't be enforced, please try and mix up your plays. Same 2-3 plays all game long is not simulation
- No Sprinting with QB unless being chased (basically, don't sprint backwards or to sidelines immediately)
- Try not to drop back more than 10 yards with the QB unless being chased
- Try to limit screens to 2-3 times per entire game (using as a dump during blitz is okay, try not to abuse though)
- Until a new patch hits, we all know the flats are broken, don't abuse them
- Mix up plays and players. HBs shouldn't see more receptions/passing yards than your receivers. Passing should be spread out to multiple receivers (when possible, obviously, if only 1 guy is open, there is nothing you can do)

Defense -
- Do not manually shift DL before snap. You can use line shifts and you can move around LB and DB, but the DL (outside of line shifts) should not be manually moved before the snap

Onside Kicks -
- limited to 4th quarter and losing. When I onside kick, I always tell the person out of courtesy. That is your decision

Going for it on 4th Downs -
4th and 1 on your 40 or closer - anytime
4th and 2 inside your 10 yard line - anytime
4th and 3 or less - only if losing in 3rd or 4th quarter
4th and long or less - only if losing in the 4th quarter