LOTRO: Free-to-Play

I've gotten up to level 43 on my Warden on Arnor. I have found the Legendary Server to be awesome. There are lots of players running around and grouping up. My kin There and Back Again is very active. After playing there I find my old server Brandywine (level 108) lonely. I'm looking at this as my final run through for LOTRO. It is worth your time if you want to play the game again.

Anyone playing past Mordor who can advise on a more enjoyable way to level past 113? Mordor feels like grinding to me, with new and different resource collection, but grinding nonetheless.

Having completed the plot of the books, I find Mordor really disengaging. At least for me.

I've tried the Dale Lands and Iron Hills, but for the first time in quite a while, I'm too low level to survive there. I've never done a lot of skirmishing, and no raiding; I think I'd slow down everyone else so badly as to ruin everyone's fun.

So where should I try to just slog it out? Mordor? Northern Mirkwood? Erebor?