LOTRO: Free-to-Play

They already get some money off this, don't they?
I often think its a shame Tolkien died with minimal financial reward, and regarded as an eccentric author of hippy-beloved books, while his son and grandchildren have reaped the financial rewards his now-highly-regarded work has afforded them.
His son, at least, has worked hard for it.

The whole Tolkien Estate versus Saul Zaentz Co versus Warner Bros thing is a mess so who knows where the money goes these days

I've gotten up to level 43 on my Warden on Arnor. I have found the Legendary Server to be awesome. There are lots of players running around and grouping up. My kin There and Back Again is very active. After playing there I find my old server Brandywine (level 108) lonely. I'm looking at this as my final run through for LOTRO. It is worth your time if you want to play the game again.