DC: Universe - Catch All

I was planning to be on and work on my 27 healer, but real life is intruding.

I should be on quite a bit tomorrow and Sunday.

Also, with the league voice chat working, has anyone been trying that out?

I have no idea whether my push to talk key works, and if it did if it would be aimed at league chat. Yay, feedback.

Edit: Guild tab says there are four people on in addition to myself, but none of them are available /tell targets. Whee. If anybody in the PC hero league on New Frontier sees this, could you please try inviting "Miss Tree" to the guild? I'll probably be on that character for a while.

My Meta/Fire/Brawling/Flier just hit 30!


Breaking Lex out of the Watchtower was awesome.

Since I just started playing a couple hours ago I've got a lovely noob question. I just got my first multi-key combo and I'm playing on the PC with mouse/keyboard. The combo is hold RB, forward, hold RB forward, right. I can get the first part of the combo right but I don't believe the second part is triggering. Am I supposed to be pressing both up and right while holding down the RB or holding down RB then clicking up then right? I'd assumed it was kind of like AoC combos but for some reason I'm just not getting it.

Sorry I can't help you with that one. I know the bow has combos where while holding you press forward or press back. But I'm not sure about the rifle. Play around in the police station until you get it.

The Rifle only has 2 real ranged combos for most of its moves.

All you need to know is (RMB + Forward) and (RMB + Backwards) The Right arrow listed in the combo is there to indicate that the same combo will work pressing (RMB + Right) if you current target is to the right from where you are facing. They really should just list it as toward or away from target.

The combos are effected by the distance between you and your target.
At a distance (RMB + Forward) will move you closer to your target forward roll then 3 shots. Once you are in close (RMB + Forward) Will use your flame thrower.

Up close (RMB + Backwards) will move you away from your target doing a back flip and causing knock back to the target. Once you are far enough away (RMB + Backwards) will fire your mortar at the target.

Overall I find Rifle to be one of the easiest weapons to use combo wise.

Ah, thanks. I so didn't get that from the in-game explanation. Oh, by the way, the first live player I saw when I teleported into the police station after finishing the tutorial was in the GWJ guild. Freaky.

Is there any sort of trial download available for this, or are they on the "Pay $50 to find out if you like it" plan?

People that bought the CE version of the game got a Buddy Pass that they can share with friends, that's the only "trial" I know of at this point. I got the regular version through Steam, so I didn't get any keys to share.

Hit 30 yesterday! Respected my guy (he is a ice power, 2handed weapon guy) now to figure out the armor tier system. Its a little confusing what is pvp or raid or so one. Anyone know of any wikki's out there on the armor or game in general. Looked over the weekend and didn't really find any online, at least any that were any good.

DCUO Source's wiki has a list of quite a lot of armors, but there are a lot of info still missing. It's been building up nicely though.


Their forum is OK if you are looking for additional info. It has helped me a bit, since there are some nice threads there with builds for different powersets and what not.

I want an encyclopedia of all of the non-iconic pieces in the game, really. There are a few things I can imagine that I could do to change my costumes later, but I have no idea if any of the special "drop-only" appearances will ever be what I'm looking for.

Edit: And *then* I read KillTrash's post. :X Oops.

Loving the game still, haven't quite hit 30 yet. It's bothering me tho that the chat system is still broken. Seems like as an MMO that should be one of the primary unbroken things. League chat never works for me, and tells generally don't either. Tonight Sigrun was sending me tells, and I couldn't reply because it kept telling me he was offline. But the league listed him as online and he was still sending tells, so I'm guessing he was still on

The chat is a really big problem. And yeah, I think any league member who has been online since the last reboot shows up as online in the league list. Very very disappointing. Hard enough to group up with a small number of people playing at different times when you can't actually tell when anyone is online, or talk to them if they are.

Reminder: There's a DCU channel in the GWJ ventrilo server. Jump on it while you're playing, in case somebody else jumps on it, too. Talk about how awesome your character is, even if you don't end up grouping together!

Thanks for the links very helpful. I just need to make through the dou's now. Seems very dependent on who you get randomly teamed up with on whether or not you can make it through (though i'm sume the people i've joined are thinking the same about me).

Yeah, duos and hard alerts are much better if you form a group beforehand.

Like Hypatian said, you can check Vent if league chat is down. Seems like we have several 30s now.

I'm still trying out characters and mentors to see which combo I like the best. I still haven't made a Lex Luthor mentored character but I've got everyone else covered.

Like all good superhero games I had that moment this morning where I jumped up and just had to create a character for an idea I'd had before I went to work. A Joker mentored dual pistols/mental villain named Spanish Inquisition. The red on crimson costume really pulls it all together. His catch-phrase just kind of writes itself. Nothing like dropping into the middle of a group of goodie-goodies while shouting "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" before opening up with both pistols. Good times, good times.

Wow, I'm surprised you got that name. Every character I've made in the last week has required me to spend 30 minutes entering names over and over before finding an available one.

I've only had to work on names for 2 of my 5 characters, the others were available. Another I was surprised that was still available was The Mechanic. Oddly it wouldn't let me name one character Priest of Cthulhu. Not because the name was taken but apparently because a "sequence of characters was not allowed". Eh?

My favorite word disallowed by their profanity filter so far is "amusement," which is doubly hilarious because there's an area in game named Amusement Mile. You can't even type the name of their own area in chat because of a 5 character sequence.

I've also discovered that one of the names I reserved on launch day, Jail Bait, is no longer allowed either. I was able to log in to her so apparently they aren't going to retroactively change the name, but still it's pretty funny how tightly they're clenching their ... um, we'll say fists -- around these names considering some of the villain story lines revolve around killing cops and hostages.

So, there's a lot of new info on the new content that is coming out in February. That's a lot of cool things and if they keep adding stuff like this every other month, they should keep me entertained for months.

There's also a new video/trailer here.

Catwoman Content:
SOE has been hyping a classic character playing a large role in this batch of content, and it turns out it's Catwoman. Selina Kyle is going to factor into a few new parts to DCUO.

Level 30 Catwoman Episode: Here, your character will race to Gotham Museum and find Catwoman robbing the joint. Then, some ancient Egyptian artifacts turn people into lions and tigers that you have to fight. Look for five boss battles in this mission.
Legends PVP: Catwoman will now be playable in "Play as Iconic" PVP.
Multiplayer Race: Chase Catwoman with your friends.
New Loot: You'll now be able to collect the "ancient Mayan Armor" and "Cat Burglar" gear.

Valentine's Day Content:
Believe it or not, February is for lovers -- and now, DCUO is, too. In a rather interesting move, the Goddess of Love is pissed and has put down fountains across Metropolis. Enter one of these, and you'll be transported to a 100-person instance where you'll play as a cherub and battle "to determine the true meaning of love."

Collectable Hearts: Completing races, participating in PVP and other actions will earn you hearts that you can use to purchase chocolates and gifts to give to other players.
PVP Battles: Dunk the other team into the fountain.
Love Alert: This is a four-player boss fight against the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn.
Loot: There's a new harlequin clown suit with hearts and a cherub disguise to earn.
Mock the Boss: When you replay boss fights, you'll be able to give them "be mine" cards for Feat points.

Other stuff:
New Duo: A two-player Bane duo will be available for players.
PVP Expansion: There will be a new Gotham PVP zone.
New Tier 2 Raid: There's a new eight-player raid zone for the Batcave. You'll fight alongside Batman against Brainiac and Brother Eye.
Buy and Sell: Auction houses will go live in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom so that places can swap gear on a massive scale.
Additions: New collections, races and investigations will be added.

Wow, that's a lot, and it sounds really interesting. I haven't even made it through half the level 30 content that's currently there. Looks like I'll be busy for awhile.

Glad to see new content so soon, but hope they get the bugs fixed soon. On the PS3 yesterday lost sound effects on 2 dungeons. Not sure what Black Adam and Felix Faust were fighting about due to no sound and also happened on 2 differant dous.

8-Bit Jedi wrote:

Not sure what Black Adam and Felix Faust were fighting about

Was it the one where they resurrect Isis? If so,


Faust doesn't resurrect her fully, and the whole thing is just a trap to let him steal Adam's power.

Re: Faust, Black Adam


And honestly, if the love of my life was brought back as an undead revenant that sucked my soul, I'd be pretty pissed off, myself.

The only thing I didn't really get about that is


Faust makes a big deal about how he's stolen the power of Shazam, and Black Adam will be stuck as Teth-Adam forever. Then he leaves and Teth-Adam immediately turns back into Black Adam.

Good to see they're releasing new content already.

The Black Adam/Faust encounter is one of the duos, so you'll have the chance to go through it again ... and again and again.

The only bug that's really annoyed me so far is the broken league chat and private tells. All the other issues I'd say is pretty minor for a new MMO, but the broken chat needs to be fixed soon.

My first character was named Subject 47. It seemed like a Brainiac kind of thing to wipe the subject's memory and just number him. So my next two were Subject 48 and 49.

I tried to make a Subject 50 - I figured by now it meant people who had seen me out and about would at least know it was the same uncreative guy, right?

But Subject 50 is disallowed for some reason. Hmm.