[XBLA] Snoopy Flying Ace

I got this the same night I picked up RDR, and I'm still playing it. It's just campy, goofy fun. The first multiplayer game I jumped into last night did wind up as the singly worst XBox Live experience ever, though. Some drunk guy yelling how everybody who was good at this was a loser and stupid and then when people told him to be quiet, he started yelling out his home address and telling us we didn't have the balls to show up at his house. First time I've ever filed a complaint on XBL.

I'm actually pissed I wasn't thinking ahead, because I'd have written down his address and started sending him stuff.

You probably would have been sending bad things and fake dog sh*t to some old lady who lives in a small cottage in a big garden.

I bought the game yesterday, and played some single player until it locked up on me.

Let's do a Goodjer night this week!

Has anyone else played Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, by the same developer? (Available for the PS2 for only about $10 now.) It was a little simplistic, definitely easy, but also a ton of fun and seemed like a good game for adults to share with kids.

It sounds like this is similar, with improvements (multiplayer being the most obvious draw). They kept delaying the release; I'm glad it's finally out, I'll pick it up with my next paycheck. I do wish it had a physical release, but I'm one of those kinds about having something I can hold in my hot little hands.

I've played a decent amount of multiplayer, and I have to say as awesome as it is, there are some players who are already at that Blue Max / Pour le Mérite in this game. The single player is pretty good, not really bordering on that frustration level many games have as of yet.

I just got this game, too. Loads of fun (after getting used to not trying to use the right stick as a camera)! I've yet to try multiplayer, but plan on doing so soon.

Been playing multiplayer a bit (went up ranks 1-4 in one match, craziness).

I think my play of this is going to be restricted to local play and in private games with goodjers. Every game i've been in has been 20 players at a time and absolute chaos. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for that but I prefer less people and more finesse as opposed to spamming rockets into a furball.